Tanks are too easy to destroy

As the title says, I noticed an issue concerning destroying tanks. I’m telling this from both perspective, from an infantry and from a tank driver. Over a month after OBT realesed, people not only learnt how to destroy them but also have enough bronze orders to equip every single soldier in an explosive pack (I did this myself). The problem here is with cooking those dynamites, tank driver don’t even has a chance to realise that someone threw this because it explodes immediatelly, especially with the bigger and heavier tanks like Pz IVs, Pz IIIs and Shermans. So a couple of my ideas how to improve this aspect.

  1. Remove capability of cooking explosive packs, yeah I know it seems strange but this little change would considerably improves survivability of tanks, maybe even too much, but in my point of view it would be better than this what we have now. This would also be a great benefit to ordinary HE grenades, which are at the moment quite unused.
  2. Force people to throw explosive packs on a specific places of a vehcile, like engine deck or beneath a tank, don’t confuse it with this what we have now, like throwing just next to tank’s track. I mean throwing litterally under a vehicle. (This is best option in my opinion).
  3. Reduce the amount of how many each squad can take explosive packs. As I said, I myself have all my squads fully equipped with those due to ease of destroying tanks and not bad capability of killing infantry. This point simultaneously with the first would increase amount of HE grenades at the cost of explosive packs.
  4. Nerf PIAT, because now this is way to strong. It’s not okay that this can oneshot Pz IVs from the front, from the sides I agree it’s okay but not from the front. …And buff Sturmpistole because this is way to weak, one has to shoot about 3-4 times from the side to destroy Stuart, M4A2 from the side is intouchable and unlike to PIAT I didn’t notice that many people would use it.

It’s important that I don’t wnat to make tanks indestructible but make it more challenging, especially for allies equiped with PIATs and Jumbos with inpenetrabble side armour. Also I don’t mean to implement all those ideas but choose those which would change gameplay in a good way.

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They should just make the HE Shells consistent with splash damage, after that it should be fine.


oor here’s a better idea go play around infantry, they can protect you as you mow down enemies.

PIAT likely hit ammo and set it off

jumbo doesn’t have impenetrable side armor, you can go through it with the panzer 3 n’s gun, i know this because i’ve done it before

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I agree with the point that damage maybe should be a little bit more consistent (in terms of not blowing up everytime from granates or dynamites) here and there, but still one should be carefull with positioning plus the fact that early T-60 and the panzer are pretty weak.

This is another aspect, but I mean explosive packs are too strong.

I played Jumbo myself and my enemies couldn’t do anything to from the side. Anyway, Jumbo is more comparable to the Panther not the Pz IV H, but that’s another thing.

Nah they’re pretty reasonable. You literally have a grenade indicator when you’re inside of Tanks, move out of the way more often and you’ll be fine.

I haven’t played Moscow much, but as I recall destroying tanks in this campaign was even easier than in Normandy. Except Pz II C vs T-60 duels…

Problem is, with War Thunder suspension mechanic it isn’t always possible. Moving backward or forward make your tank shaking and it’s impossible to shoot to e.g. a tank in front of you. No, moving more often is not a sollution it’s rather a palliative which delay something that is inevitable. Something must be changed in mechanics.

Explosion Devices are already inconsistent, you’re not always going to be killed by one.

Pretty sure counterplay to tanks is fine. Just get better at driving, dude

Let me get this straight, you want to nerf the only 2 weapons infantry can use to counter tanks, the tnt it’s extremely risky to use and if someone manage to reach u with one he deserves the kill, be more careful next time. The piat is the safer alternative and is fine as it is, if u don’t hit the weak points u barely do any damage, even the puma can magically tank multiple piat hitting the side with no damage whatsoever.

In Moscow campaign, most of tanks have lighter armor, ground is more flat, only BT-7 is a fast tank.
I’ve finished Moscow campaign and when started Normandy noticed that it’s a bit harder to kill tanks with explosives, even Stuarts. Perhaps there was some patch in between but I suspect that there is something about the maps or different armor of the tanks.

Be a better driver is to shoot while in move? It ain’t possible, as said above, due to a War Thunder suspension mechanic it’s impossible to simulatenously shoot and drive. The other option is camping but what about tankers who want to support their teammates in the frontline? Their tanks are extremly vulnerable to enemy infantry from the sides because it’s hardly ever to encounter teammates covering your vehicle.

it hard to notice it but jumbo can be penned by panzer 3 n on the side, and no jumbo isn’t comparable to panther in the slightest because like all the american tanks, m8 is an SPA, the jumbo fires solid shot and has a weak gun in comparison

I want to get this changed, as you said nerfed. These only 2 weapons are extremly powerful in destroying enemy tanks, know this from my own experience, it isn’t rocket secience to go as close to enemy tank as possible, cook a TNT and throw it near the tank, especially with poor maneuverbility of most of the tanks expect Puma. Cooked TNT explodes it about one second, as a tank driver you don’t even manage to see the indicator.

No many players care about being selfkilled by own TNT. The prospect of killing a bunch of soldiers plus a vehicle is enough to make a suicide.

I am carefull but as long as I am not camping at the edge of the map it’s only a short matter of time to be destroyed by enemies.

It is a safer alternative and I agree with this but it’s not okay constantly being killed by one shoot from a distance of several dozens of meters by a soldier camped in bushes, being in a Pz IV with 80 mm of armour.

It can I agree but I haven’t encountered many problems with killing Puma from any side with PIAT.

Then you clearly are doing something wrong, I can keep a tank alive a whole game if I played perfect. I never play perfect but every time a bugger slips trough and kills me I know where I played bad and the opponent played well.

And yes it has to do with playing good and learning mechanics.

  • Yes you can shoot and drive at the same time and yes that takes time to learn. No its not easy but certainly doable.
  • When you choose your positioning correctly you know the few spots infantry can come from. So switch to a different seat to check different spots. Use the top gunner sparingly, esp to scout around and shoot only if really needed. Or mow down waves of infantry if you know its safe other than that save him to save you.

I feel balance between inf and tanks if fine as it is.

Even killing tons of infantry from a tank is not rocket science, you say that a player killing your pz iv with one lucky shot is unfair, he could say the same about you, inside a tank with a chance to wipe out squads with a single he shell. Tanks are the uncontested kings of the battlefield, even more than planes, you need a realiable and effective counter against them or they will wipe out tons of people before someone manages to hit him with a tnt.

Yeah a lucky shot, not like you can aim a PIAT. Most of OPs points are just being bad at the game but like it or not, PIATs are over performing. It is so much stronger then its German counterpart (+US has jumbo as well) and the fact that it can decimate tanks from 50 meters in one shot through frontal armor is just wrong. We can discuss whether an irl PIAT could do that or not (probably could), but what’s obvious is that it’s unbalanced. You say lucky shot, why did I get “lucky shot” 5 times in one game. Even if they don’t hit the ammo, an experienced PIAT user can easily take out a gunner and not sure if commander or driver in a single shot. And thanks to PIATs crazy reload, it can fire before you even switch seats again, making the tank useless even tho it didn’t technically get one shot.
This all is experience from matches against good PIAT users, not everyone can use them this well, but the point is, that they can be used this way. and it’s not fun.

Right now cooking dynamites means your soldier will automatically throw it after it’s ready and it will blow up basically on impact.

maybe at least remove functionality of automatic throw after x seconds. It would mean that you have to foresee when your dynamite is cooked enough, else it will blow up at your hands (considering that it will explode in hands… definitely it shouldnt damage that much tank as impact will be higher than a ground and at some distance, so full impact will go to up-armored part)