Tank Destruction

TnT is just fine. However, simple hand grenades completely obliterating a tank is utterly ridiculous. Someone please explain to me the logic behind this.


Holy handgrenade


Only if the allies receive the Rabbit of Caerbannog!!

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seriously though

Thou must count to three. Three shall be the number thou shall count. Never past four you should go, but in order to reach three you shall pass two.

But to the op: regular hand grenades are harmless to tanks. The ONLY time they do destroy them is if the crew had vacated the tank prior. Then even a normal grenade will destroy the tank. Heck, even other tanks co axial mg will detonate them.


I’ve shot an abandoned tank with a Bolt Action and destroyed it.
That being said I would like dedicated AT grenades. Like the magnetic ones that stick to tanks and sticky bombs for the US.
The amount of suicides I’ve had because of bouncing Det Packs is real…


I want Matt Damon filling his socks with TnT and covering it in axle grease. Then later in life crying at my grave b/c I got blown up by a Panther in the grey zone.