Tank Commanders Open Protected Position and Rotating Periscopes

So after today’s announcement that more accurate Gunner sights will be coming to Armored vehicles in Enlisted that got me thinking what other improvements could be made? I’ve got 2 that come to mind

Firstly I’d like to talk about the Tank Commander’s position when you look outside the tank hatch. Right now in game when you open the TCs hatch your soldier stands up and exposes his head and majority of his upper body. This makes a very easy target for enemy players with good aim or what I’ve personally found is bots love spinning on the spot to snapshot you with their God like computer aim.
What I’m proposing is that a option be added for your TC to ‘crouch’ or go into a second position while his head is out of the hatch. This new position would have the TC sitting much lower only exposing his and maybe shoulders, the purpose of doing this is to get a better look around so you wouldn’t be able to use a top mounted machine gun without standing up completely. The movie Fury did a fairly good job showcasing armored fighting with the hatch open if anyone is curious what this new position could look like.

Finally the second improvement I’d like to see come to tanks in Enlisted is rotation of Commander periscopes. There are tons of vehicles in Enlisted that don’t have a Commander’s cupola and instead have you looking through a very narrow periscope while in the Commander position. However historically many of these vehicles that didn’t have a cupola did still feature rotating periscopes for example the Jagdpanzer IV
variants and the Sherman variants like the Sherman II in Tunisia but excluding the Jumbo (which has a cupola)
My hope is these vehicles will have the ability to rotate these periscopes, this would greatly improve the ability these vehicles have to look around the battlefield and see what’s happening rather than being stuck with the forward facing FOV

Let me know what you guys think, good idea, bad idea?


I agree with you on everything, also to add to this the commander sticking out should have animation and not sit there like a stiff board, especially when using the MG


Oh come on, if I just see a head sticking out of the hatch, I am for sure going to shoot it off !!! For sure if there is a bigger amount of body standing out of the turret it is easier to hit, but for us sharp shooters, if there is even a head there we will shoot if off :wink: