Tank balance

so i was running the starter light tank and sneaked behind a tiger and found myself dealing - damage

I think this should be balanced so if you are in a light tank you can get behind them and lay say 3 rounds into their back armor to kill them all tanks no matter what they are should have a weakness at the back that is 100%-25% heavy armor requiring you to be lined up pretty perfect with lighter tanks allowing you to deal it from a angle higher


Maybe do You want a stuart whit APCBC

have…have you never played war thunder before?

yes currently the game has 0 way for light tanks to be useful the reason for making a light tank be able to deal damage from behind is because the heavy tank operator wasint paying any attention in the current state some tigers can go for way to long because most players don’t have at that can deal with high tiers on top of this some maps ain’t even designed for back hits so only more open maps will be able to have this done

i have but the idea is mainly to make tigers strong but not impossible to kill as currently a light tank cant kill them at all like 0% death

then put a fucking round into the lower side armor, should be ammo on the floor there

on top of this when a light tank cant do their job and sneak up on a heavy tank and kill it this makes the light tank have a 15% usefulness
because the moment a tiger shows up it cant kill it at all like you can do shit all

no pens sorry its not warthunder your talking about my friend I think you all might be confused of which game this is your talking on its enlisted

The tank come from warthunder indipendentaly from how damage work here, the position of ammo and weak point is the same

maybe but im also pretty sure it don’t as I’m running the basic light tank inside the invasion of Normandy mode and I’ve hit a tiger all over its front and found 0 pen marks at all like nonething even turns yellow let alone green

Do you want pen a tiger with a stuart? I think this is the problem

thats why i made the suggestion of using a light tank which is made for speed to get behind a tiger and hit its back

as its a game and should have a way even I its hard to get the kill

its also why I said 2-3 rounds from the back of the tiger instead of instantly killing it like striping the armor and with the last round hitting its engine blowing it up but this also means you need to get close if a light tank can get that close and ambush a tiger or any tank then you should be able to kill them even if its hard

I’m not asking for Stuarts to be able to destroy tigers.

However I’d love for light vehicles to have access to… realistic light vehicle speed (not capped at 30kmh). Smoll tonks would be viable then, in other roles than AT ones.

Maybe IF we get larger playing fields…


that’s why i said lower side armor, numbnuts

hey numbnuts stop insulting people 1 and 2 I ALREADY TOLD YOUR DUMB ASS THAT IT DONT WORK maybe read for once instead of keyboard warrioring

Do you are asking for another game: speed,ambush,i we can eat them? Currently

Yes another game the only thing engine do now is absorb damage and take fire, exploding…

problem is in enlisted currently light tanks are generally useless and giving them the ability to hit the engine with speed and stealth [as light stealth a tank has lol] the ability to ambush all tanks and still deal damage even If it needs to be extremely hard to do still having a way to deal with them is better then me shelfing my light tank and never using them because of how op a tiger is

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I’d really dread they go down this route. Introducing more arcade features isn’t the direction I’d like to see the game go.

I do agree that light vehicles require change to be more viable. I’ve suggested in the past that light tanks get access to a spotting or recon ability similar to war thunder. Give them passive bonus for spotting.
To improve the use of their mobility would be a matter of opening maps and play areas which is a topic from what I can tell many would like to see happen hand in hand with increased battle sizes


ok i take back what i said but truth be told i scan tanks when fighting them and I’ve never seen this show up

but ya I guess your right tho is this at all angles or just directly on like this