Tank and AT gun aim shake

Can you do something about the shaking that sometime happen when you are on a tank or an AT gun?


That wierd wobbling makes me ill sometimes. I think it’sProblem of Dagor Engine, Since that also rarely happens at WT either.

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Ya it suck’s the only way I can get it to go away is by moving to a different spot, even a few feet can make a difference.

The Maps that are super cluttered with junk are the worst offenders, normally on Tunisia I dont experience it often

This seems very common in Normandy for some reason. The wobbling can make a huge difference in whether or not you win in a tank fight.

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They should add the ability to “change view” just like in the commander seat of a tank to allow us to use the old view of AT guns. Using the actual optics is cool and all, but being forced into tunnel vision always kinda blows.

I like the optic. It’s so much better than the first version with litteraly nothing.
But maybe a button to look outside like for the tank could be a nice little feature

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My assumption has been that i’s the vehicle interacting with a terrain element, like how even wrecks sometimes bounce back and forth on something.

So on maps’ with more junk on them there are more opportunity’s for this to happen

its not playable anymore, literally, i cant use an at gun without it being a trampoline. i cant use a god damn mg 34 without it being just terrible, how does the mg34 compare more to 9mm submachine gun it does to anything else

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I’ve had this problem with AT guns on Normandy campaign and the Stalingrad one, which is why I quit making AT guns majority of the time since the wobbling is very annoying especially trying to get a good pen, them the time required to set one up only for it to do lé wobble. That and AT guns are a nightmare to try and move if they’re already placed for console at least

Edit: Also I’ve only been having this problem in maybe the past month and a half or so

Napoleon wars? Sino-japan war?


Indeed, I think it’s because of the ground.
But I happen sometime for no reason and stop the same way for no reason, even without moving. You can see it a little at the middle end at the video.