Tank aiming in a grid pattern

While aiming down the sight of any tank, the guns moves in a grid pattern rather than free form like with rifles. This makes precise shots very difficult or impossible in some situations. https://youtu.be/aBXMI-xI4oY

From a previous general post on the topic;
“I’m talking about when your aiming at another tank say 300+m away and you are trying to line up a shot at a weak spot, but no matter how careful you are with your mouse, the sight for the gun is moving in “ticks” of a sort. It “ticks” over like it’s set on a grid. Aiming at a Jumbo’s flat turret cheeks trying to get it lined up, but you are too high so you try to slightly aim lower but the gun aims a “tick” down and now you’re aiming at the bottom of the turret. This is only really an issue at long ranges where you have to zoom in and try to get a precise shot.”

You need the gunner perk for your gunner to be able to traverse both axes at the same time in a tank.

Wait, does that perk erase this? Ok if that’s true, im going to become a tank ace.

I have the gunner perk. Still doing it.

Also, that isn’t even the issue. The issue is the grid pattern movement, not moving both axis at the same time.

I don’t get what you mean by grid pattern then, I found once I got the perk, the gun just goes directly to where I point it.

When zoomed in, the gun moves in “ticks” in a grid shape. Actually watch the video. Around the 30 second mark where I turn the sensitivity all the way down, you can see how the aim is snapping in ticks in a grid pattern.

Also check my edit on the OP

Ah, so you are talking about the gun moving on it’s own. Yeah, that can be a bit annoying, but its probably due to how scuffed the collision model is for tanks interacting with the mechanic for the barrel shaking, which will take a while to fix.

Well in any case, I haven’t seen a bug report on it and wanted to get it recognized.