T-34 loader perk

Hello guys, I have a question for veteran Soviet tankers.
The T-34 does not have a loader, but is the loader perk not available?
Or can the commander or gunner double as a loader?
I am wondering where to place a crew with a loader perk. :thinking:

I believe commander doubles as loader


Gunner is the loader when there is no loader

In case there is no gunner and loader both of those role are do by the commander


Thanks for answering.
Does this mean that I can have a loader PERK, Commander or Gunner?
If so, I will give the loader perk to the commander because I want the gunner to have the increased aiming technique perk.

Give both perk on both soldier gunner is the first one to die usually and get replaced by the commander

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Ok so the shells are magically loaded by the power of love ?

I give u a clue


IRL the “commander” is actually the loader and the gunner is the commander/gunner.

I think they just labeled the loader commander so you can look out the hatch, if you notice the “commander” can only look out the side because it’s simply the loader.

As for perks the “commander” should get loader perks and the gunner gets gunner perks.

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Thank you all for the details.
I now know what to do. :smile: