Support the game?

I don’t mind supporting a i play , that being said. I think it’s pretty shady of you guy to sell crappy weapons to people especially for 60 bucks . Times are ruff right now i don’t have alot of cash to throw at a game to buy basically some art in make believe land .but when i do i should get what some form of joy from. Not bait and swith or a gotcha and the the collopie* is the worst gotcha yet every add on has been a let down .do better




if you are having such financial issues, maybe you shouldn’t be spending it on the game to begin with fool.


The premium squads are definitely overpriced, that being said there is no reason to buy any of them besides the “cool” factor of having something most don’t.

The stuff you unlock in game is generally on par with or better than the premiums, with few exceptions.

So if you drop $40+ on a premium squad that isn’t any better than what you can have for free, you really only have yourself to blame.

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You can support the game by buying a Years worth of premium for 60 dollars…

The squads are novelty and collectors pieces for the most part, fun but entirely unnecessary. Premium is stupid cheap for what you get and is a good way to support the game on a budget.



No one forced you to make an uninformed purchase. If your money is tight, you should be spending it carefully. (and probably not on games)

It is a good thing that purchased items are not better than the ones you unlock for free. Otherwise this game would become pay to win. Were you hoping for an advantage with your purchase? Sorry, the premiums are simply side grades or squads with unique weapons. Not shortcuts to winning.


get a job?

i understand people can feel ripped off especially when devs still sell questionably obsolete and bugged stuff that keeps its high price

some premium vehicles that are literally no effort whatsoever only copy pasted from campaign itself with addition of some heavy cannons with smal ammo capacity and price over 50 bucks ? this should not be like that

premium vehicles should be about completely different vehicles that are not in campaign itself, good example is Breda 88 bomber in tunis or mosquito

player has no way to try out squad in real battle before purchase only go to practice and try it there , all semi auto rifles that reloads with stripper clips has bugged reloading still, even in premium squads with few exceptions, it looks ridiculous…

some weapons in this price tag however becomes more and more better as new premium squads come to the fold (like made up fedorov MG, As-44, Stg-45, Type-KO rifle ) many weapons are cool in premiums which is good but non of the infantry premiums is worth it unless engineer will be added everywhere

ive made topic about it in the past

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