Summarize something what I've seen as a player

This is 99% of the current game situation, please find your seat and take a seat. Or supplement yours.

  • You don’t like conquest mode?

    • Press ESC to exit.
  • You don’t like pushing train mode(berlin)?

    • Press ESC to exit.
  • Your enemies are so strong that you are pinned in your default respawn?

    • Your teammate names gradually grayed out and replaced with bots
    • Your teammates start camping
    • Press ESC to exit
    • You also started camping or flying. (Maybe sometimes you will choose this, but more often you may choose ESC)
  • The opponents are all rookies or robots?

    • A; You so happy and love robot farm
      • You prefer to play the offensive side of Invasion mode in this situation
      • You may need to request a PvE mode if you only like this
  • Both team evenly matched battles?

    • A: i’m bored for this.

      • usually you also like robot farms, and you don’t particularly like train mode.
      • Because of this mode you can’t get robot farm battles, you have to move constantly
      • Maybe you will press ESC to exit such battle
    • B: I enjoy venly matched combat. (me here)

      • What you want is very few happen in games.
      • Sometimes you’re playing alone and trying to win while your teammates are camping out of the capzone. Or they’re just AI. It’s always like this. Everything is too tired
      • You might like bigger maps and more diverse battlefields
  • Have you reached the level you want?

    • A: I am at full level and have many orders.

      • Typically such players will cut back on the game almost immediately.
      • Because when the level reaches a critical value, the attractiveness of the repetitive content of the game battle itself will gradually decrease. This reflects from another side that any current game mode itself has very low playability.
    • B: I didn’t reach the level I wanted, I just want to get more experience in the game.

      • Maybe you will enjoy fighting for a while, but as someone who has experienced it, I can tell you that this is only for a few months,
      • And soon you will play this game less. Happens even before you reach the level you want.
      • Just like the live broadcast on the live channel is gradually reduced, until no one is broadcasting this game, or one or two occasionally. Because the game’s sustainable play appeal is very low, and it lacks viewing and combat drama.
  • You don’t like something in the game

    • A: You think the only use for planes is to crash into the ground and kill yourself, and that resupply bombs is a waste, or an act that is not conducive to victory.

      • Except for P47, you don’t like your P38 teammates once before.
    • B: You don’t like grenades. He’s too strong OP, It’s too weak to be useful.

    • C: You don’t like requesting planes to bomb, It’s too strong OP, or It’s too weak to be useful

    • D: You don’t like white phosphorus grenades. It’s too OP, or It’s too weak to be useful. or teammates use it to hurt you

    • E: You don’t like flamethrowers and Molotov cocktails? You used to think these things were useless, just something for atmosphere. Been OP since they buffed it a bit. Then you start abusing these, after all nothing prevents abuse.

    • F: You perfer submachine guns and assault rifles, and are keen to discuss which firearms are more OP or perform better.

      • You may also don’t favor in bolt action rifles, you completely knock out a lot of low level weapons in your squads
    • When a weapon or grenade is slightly powerful you abuse it, and when it is weakened you immediately dismiss it as useless. You have two options in this game: abusing some kind of spam, or not using it at all

      • You don’t have any choice, because game modes just make you give up your brain
      • You think M10 M18 with open turret and Panzer IV Tank Destroyer without turret are just rubbish stuff, they don’t have any characters in the game
    • You don’t like teammates who use low-level vehicles or aircraft, you think they are just wasting your opportunity to use vehicles

      • Only the most powerful vehicles or aircraft can appear in the battles you like, no one else’s place
      • You blame your P38 teammates who flew in the sky and returned to refill their ammunition
    • You asked for a shootout mode without vehicles and planes?

      • So what about gungames? oops, you can’t gain experience so this gungame mode is useless. Are you here to play the game itself or to gain exp for upgrade?
    • Ask yourself what else do you like about this game?

  • How do you see what other players suggest about the game in the forums?

    • Request add transport vehicles and mechanized squads.

      • Some of your answer may be: Impossible, because it‘s not useful in current game.
    • Request add a large -caliber vehicle, such as KV2.

      • OP! No!
    • Request add anit-air vehicle.

      • Models open like gaz72k: Useless! waste of a vehicle slot, I don’t want another player taking that slot, I need to deploy the t34 in order to win. (If you can’t win anyway, you or your opponent will ESC, right?)
      • Models with armor: IMBA! OP! No!
    • Request add something

      • answer: OP! or USELESS.
      • In this game, there are only two cases of any item. Including guns. All you have is a bunch of useless transitions and peppewpew spam
      • I don’t know what are the strengths and potentials of the World War II game made by a team related to gaijin. Maybe it’s his lasgun and explosives.
      • Anyway, in your eyes, it is definitely not richment of vehicle type, right? Because the vehicles are all OP. Oops, you’re from War Thunder, maybe you’ll be leaving soon.
    • Request to limit the number of automatic weapons and grenades or vehicles

      • You refuse, You think everything is fine. and claim that I don’t like restrictions, and let players spam.
        • If they nerf these thing then you don’t use at all.
        • If they buff these you start crying things geting IMBA or OP.
        • And you don’t want to limit their number.
        • You don’t want to be limited. But you blame your teammates for using low-tier vehicles and aircraft, But you want to the limit to your teammates?
      • Q: There are not so many machine guns and flamethrowers and grenades in history,
        • A: You claim that this game is not history, It is just a game
      • Q: When they reviewed the texture appearance and markings in this game, they replaced the Japanese flag with a flower.
        • A: You’re starting to claim that all this hurts your game immersion? What kind of immersion do you want? Science fiction?
      • Let’s forget WWII and get into the Moon campaign, how about equipping each player with 100 precise and fully automatic laser guns?
    • If this is the case for you. Ask yourself what else could be added to this game?

      • Perhaps you would answer the vietnam campaign. I don’t know what to expect? Perhaps the jet you fly will act as a V2 missile. Maybe you really like AK47 pewpewpew.
      • Even if you get to the Moon campaign, you won’t have other vehicles, or interesting content like helicopters or UFOs. And tanks are just fixed fortresses.
      • Not to mention incendiary bombs, it’s terrible, this OP thing will affect you as an infantry and then QE jump like a rabbit on the map.
      • Maybe you will gradually find something wrong. Everything you used to claim was useless or too OP, now you wonder why you can’t have this.
  • You think all of the above are fine and don’t need to change.

    • Everything in the game is new to you, and you don’t like any criticism of the game
    • You can try continue play it for weeks or months or more
  • You think something is wrong.

    • You try to make some suggestions.
    • You want adding a new campaign will rekindle your interest in the game? Yeah? Everything would be fine that?
    • You claim and cry that this is due to imbalance or lack of MM or whatever
    • You claimed that the game needed motion-capture character animation and that everything would be fine if the character animation improved?
    • You’re the one trying to tell your friends about the game. They play War Thunder, they play coh or RTS games, or some other World War II game. But they doesn‘t like Enlisted. Your friends try it and gradually leave
    • You’ve seen player videos that claim the game is the perfect mix of historical hardcore and arcade entertainment.
      • Do you see that the author of these videos still plays this game?
      • But when you look at the number of livestream and player videos from some of his competitor games, you gradually forget that. Something is lost
    • Improving the AI, I’m all for that here, but it will cost the developers time, and I’m not sure they can do it.
    • You want PvE mode maybe, I want this too.
    • You want turning the Battle of Moscow into a PvE training event? So that more players can go to play campaign you are playing maybe. I don’t know if it’s sane
    • You want to add transport vehicles and more towed or stationary weapons. Please refer to the above situation, some players cry OP or USELESS, the developer may stop here.
    • You want them to those fix long standing issues such as the aircraft’s cannon, however some players will cry right away the aircraft becomes OP, Please match the situation described above
      • Improve the machine gun of the tank and add the hull machine gun, some players will cry OP, you know
      • They even removed the penetration of wood buildings,And removed the metal armor ability of ussr soldiers.
      • I don’t know if it’s an some kind of incompetence
    • You want Bigger map and more players in one battle, they have bigger map already, it’s almost low cost to design a new game mode with 20v20, easy milestone
    • You want Improve video recording, this is also a very important and easy to achieve milestone

So this writing is not a suggestion, it’s just a subjective feeling

I don’t think every players really know what they need. Only professional game designers know, and that’s the job of the development team.
And the players is innocent. If they don’t like something, but put up with it or leave it, the fault doesn’t come from the player

For me, I’m very skeptical that if the above situation doesn’t change, will I continue to stay in this game? Or whether this can be considered as the game has no room for development.

But I still think the game has some unique potential. Maybe wait until those potentials are no longer his only strength. Maybe everything would have been silent before. Who knows.


That’s so sad but unfortunately you’ve pretty much described the situation as it is right now. The worst thing is that none of the developers care or at least don’t give any feedback on how they plan to improve something. The constant screwing around with the tickets and the cap time can’t be the solution. :weary: :tired_face:


I love evenly matched battles. It means I don’t have to carry, so I can play whatever class I like. Mind you I’m only average a player, so if I have to carry all the time… well I desert like many of the situations you described.


I’m the most average player yet i open scoreboard most of the times. it’s strange and concerning.


Well, sooner or later there will be something for us to see, keep your hopes up с:

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Please, update editor custom blk loading feature, Please. Please. Please. Anxiously waiting

To prevent level burn out I go back to previous campaigns to finish up the new levels they added while I was finishing another campaign.

So just finished axis pacific? Now time to go through both sides of moscow, normandy and stalingrad again since I maxed them previously.

It mixes it up, and allows all my campaigns to be leveled before moving onto a new side. I think its all perspective.

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The problem is that progression is painful, and so is gameplay for the most part. Especially if you play the way developers are forcing you to. There is no reason to play other than the fear of missing out generated by daily tasks and battlepass. That is not a valid reason.

There are decent moments and it’s possible to get lucky good matches here and there. However, there’s so much wrong that over a longer period of time the overall experience becomes negative. Too many things here are designed to torment you almost to a point of quitting but not quite (and that’s only the intentional features, I’m not even talking about unfinished and broken stuff). Not enough (barely anything at all) is designed to just be enjoyable and interesting.

And the worst of all is that there is no remedy, nothing for the players to do. Feedback is pointless, even “voting with your wallet” is pointless. If the game succeeds, why change anything? If it doesn’t, why waste resources on it?

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Was a bit of somehow hard to read, but overall I think you nailed it.

As from my side, my summery:

  • Most annoying element is what should have made this game somewhat “unique” (it’s actually not really unique): the AI, acting ultra annoyingly bipolar – either dumb as a bread or precise like a superhero.

  • a ridiculous pursuit for superior op squads and gear, adding absolutely nothing to the game except pampering some players cracked ego and provide some questionable success for their sad lives. In fact, these squads and gear do subtract tension and immersion from the game.

  • campaigns that are more or less a package of maps of the same terrain/theater, no feeling of taking part of an actual “campaign”

  • horrible matchmaking due to a lack of players, often leading to be thrown in into a match that is more or less already decided

  • no tactical gameplay at all - it’s just camping or rushing; either way boring like Yoko Ono.

  • no communication, either because tools are missing or tools that are not used to improve the tactical value of a match, because spamfest lovers simply don’t give a flying fck about following orders, replying or fulfilling requests. Even too busy spamming the sh*t out of the enemy that marking targets just bothers them.

  • missing realism that is necessary: e.g. we got tanks that get blown up when a 1000 lb bomb hits them, but the bridge they are standing on remains unharmed as well as buildings nearby. Or AT guns with limited ammunition while MGs can be used as spray cans forever until a single shot dismantles the nest…etc. etc.

  • a grind system that makes the only questionable encouragement to continue with playing the same maps and modes over and over without having any choice due to a fixed rotation.

  • a horrible map to orientate with, not even basic requirements like a grid and coordinates.

I guess I missed a lot of points worth to mention, but to be honest, I am too lazy to write them down because a) they’ve been mentioned numerous times before and nothing did change and b) this game isn’t worth to put that much detailed effort into criticizing the obvious.