Suggestions after 'Big Update'

  • Prevent players from using Rally Points if enemies are within 25-35 meters of the device. This still hasn’t been fixed as I’ve spawned in with enemies right next to us. Spawn Protection was removed in today’s update, so at least do SOMETHING to prevent campers from getting effortless kills.

  • Implement a proper Queuing function for Rally Point spawns.

  • Fix the exploit where Engineers can place Rally Points in the next objective areas before the current phase is complete.

  • Make it so the new hand grenade animation is used when throwing or cooking a grenade with the regular Grenade keys, instead of keeping your hands away from the screen. (G for Grenades, N for Explosion Devices?)

  • Improve the already inconsistent Sound Occlusion, which prevents us from hearing footsteps even at high volumes.

  • Make the AI soldiers prioritize following you faster, so they don’t lag behind and also take longer routes into buildings which gets them cut down by enemy gunfire 9/10 times.

  • Fix the already heavily reported lag/fps spikes since today’s update.


Sounds like a good sum up, saves me time to write it down.

No. Most maps are extremly small and this would make rally points completly useless.

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No, they could just scale this depending on the size of the map. This shouldn’t be any issue with Invasion or Assault, and most players dislike Conquest anyways (which is what I’m assuming you’re referring to).

They at least claim to have done this. In the update notes they mention that if a spawn point is down at a new objective popping up it gets destroyed.

I agree, this has definitely been bugging me too. Good feedback!

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I actually might have overlooked this part haha