Suggestion: more interesting infantry VS tank combat

wasn’t referring to you. Russians and Germans both had a number of different designs, some magnetic, some with parachutes. I think it would be a cool addition.

@8383908 Yeah they seem really inconsistent with leaning towards the negative.

Hi everyone, I wasn’t there to chat with you so I’ll do it now:

I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding but my suggestion simply adds more options. The thing is that TNT pack doesn’t really work like an actual TNT pack. I’m not trying to make tanks OP, I want to add an option to use TNT packs for insta-killing light tanks and taking out tank transmission while for heavier tanks, players can use Molotov Cocktails and AT grenades. Molotov Cocktail is even easier to throw than TNT pack plus it can be carried by pretty much everyone.

Off-topic, I won’t answer this

That is doable even with the current system and it’s called team work and good tactic

When I struggle to take out a tank, I just built a cannon, bomb the tank or take it out with another tank

  1. Molotov Cocktail…
    *Can take out every tank in the game

What about the T-34? It could definitely be damaged by Molotov Cocktails to a certain amount, But it was liquid cooled, diesel powered and had a redesigned engine cover to counter the use of such incendiary devices.

I know that but I’m concerned about the gameplay

We can avoid that part, t-34 with all it’s glory will be hard to implement

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So its buff cause it nerfs changes to kill tanks? Yeah buff to tankers they really need it.

Mayby we need more intresting tank gameplay. Like increasing tank cooldown to 16 squads, its major buff cause its decreases tankers dead count to 1 per match

“have all hand held anti-tank consume 90% of your inventory slots”
That’s a super hard nerf

“make TNT less effective at killing tanks on top of taking up all your inventory”
This is another super hard nerf

“add another inventory item you have to farm to equip, but also make it less effective at killing tanks and also have it take up all your inventory slots”
yet another nerf to infantry anti-tank capability.

Why not just say “I find it unacceptable my Russian wonder weapon gets destroyed by infantry so often”

If you’re that worried about infantry killing your tank War Thunder is another great game by Gaijin and has plenty of Russian premium tanks and zero infantry. (some modes do have AI anti-tank guns tho) :smiley:

You haven’t read the news haven’t you

I don’t want to nerf them, I want to replace them with Molotovs because it’s more cool looking

That goes to you too

. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :grin: (totally not mad at being called out, check out my smiley faces while I move goal posts for the sake of my thinly veiled argument)

changing the inventory system to accommodate modifiers like backpacks and bandoliers does not equal making TNT the only thing you can carry.

Like I said, at the very least you can be honest and just say " I think tanks are too easy to destroy"

I think the way tanks are being taken out is boring and I would like more options

like what - dog mines? Kamikaze foxholes??

I’m not going to answer this

Make dog mines the russian version of goliath :upside_down_face:

Well like what then?

We currently have tanks, anti tank guns, aircraft, anti-tank rifles, some hollow-charge infantry weapons like PIAT, hand-thrown explosives and molotovs, flamethrowers?

What “more interesting” ways do you see??

I’m not going to answer this

I don’t want to argue

You don’t like the idea? Just say it

If I didn’t like the idea I would say so - I want to know what is more interesting??

There is no argument here ffs!! :frowning:

Why are you doing this to me

Snowballs… yes, SNOWBALLS but only after every other at solution is nerfed to ground.
Best regards: TonkerKing2013

Doing what??

So just the originals - OK - sorry - thought there was something more.

No. The AT grenade would be more consistent than the current explosive pack in killing tanks, while the explosive pack would be more consistent in immobilizing tanks and demolishing structures, even though it would be slightly less effective than it is currently. Molotovs take a little while, they are the most consistent at killing a tank.

Grenade spam had to be nerfed to begin with, so this makes it so that a grenade spam nerf doesn’t significantly affect anti-tank capabilities.


thanks man

You’ve put it up better than I could

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