[Suggestion] Historical mag Pouches for troopers

Magazine Pouches

Most weapons of ww2 each had different pouches for their magazines.
Those pouches show the characteristics and identity of soldiers, of course,
and make them look more Combat-ready.

Pouches historically were given for every soldiers, From Elite veterans to Volksgrenadiers.
They are essential for all troopers to carry and use magazines for the battle.

Historical pouches can improve the Game’s Historical Accuracy,
as well as some Player’s Desire for Historical stuffs.

Historical pouches

Let me introduce some of the “Historical” pouches used in ww2.

First, this is a Pouch for 7.92x57 mm 5-round clip.
It was used by soldiers who use Gewehr 98 variants or G41.

Normally soldiers carried 2 pouch sets, which could carry a total of 30 rounds.


This, is a pouch for MP 40, which can carry 3 Magazines on one side, and 6 in total.
also, MP variants (from MP 28 to MP 38) could use these pouches.

Same as above, soldiers normally carried 2 pouch sets, which is 192 rounds in total.

This is a pouch for MP 43 variants, including the famous StG 44.
Same as the one for MP 40and Kar98k, a total of 6 magazines could be stored.


And this, is a magazine pouch for FG 42. It could carry 8 magazines, 160 rounds in total.


For last this is a pouch for german MG 34 and MG 42.
It was strapped at the back of the soldier, next to the Gas mask canister.

it could carry 2 50 round Magazine for MG34 and MG42,
or a single “Patronentrommel” 75 round magazine for MG 34.

Those are the German historical pouches, and there is a ton more for Italian, American, Russians.

How could it work when it is in-game?

and also, We already have most of those pouches in-game.
But they were mostly removed from soldiers, to match Enlisted’s new Equipment system.

Now in-game no matter what armament soldiers are using,
they only could be equipped with pouches for Kar98K or Gewehr 43,
which makes a game a bit off and odd.

Historically, soldiers mostly carried 2 sets of pouches,
mostly one on the right and the other on the left of the belt.

To add this historical Improvement for the game alongside the equipment system,
It may would be able to attach only one side of the pouch,

Like this.

It will give Enlisted a more unique identity for its customization system,
and also for its Effort for historical accuraccy.


100% agree with this

Without some of them are still randomly present - for example you can have MG13 bandoliers on soldiers in Normandy… Where there is even no MG13.

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System where your pouch matches the equipped weapon is a must have.



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corrected, Thanks :wink:

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Agree. Also, that Bandolier could carry magazines for ZB-26 and Zb-30 MGs as I heard
so It would be perfect for MG gunners at Moscow I suppose.

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great idea

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