Sugestions for a Major update

Actualy there some things very little explored in Enlisted and one of it is the Stationary Guns. so let,s check it out.

--------------------------------------------Major Update------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------- Trench Warfare ------------------------------------------------

The trench warfare possibility focuses in Engineer improvement and some assets that will be interesting later if you guys are looking to Theaters in WWI

  1. Make AI able to DIG!, that’s right. for that i use my older topic to explain
  1. Make AI use Stationary guns, (At least MG nests) and able to select ALL the guns of the fire base be operate properly, so press 1 you move to AAA1, then 2 AAA2, 3 AT gun, 4 Machinegun nest.

  1. Allow the campaign unlock new Stationary guns, by a similar way Tanks and planes are unlocked, adding a lot more content possibility.

and then select in the Engineer menu

  1. Make AI able to place MINES, we don’t need grenades now. just mines. simple Press K select a soldier then press M.

and that’s all Cheers.


Just sorry, by the english the Topic is now Reparied.

Interesting. But i dunno…
I would prefer more classic style:
You opened engineer II squad. You fully upgraded it.
As result in battle you can switch between old and “new” AA/AT cannons.

In additional I would like to see ability to switch sandbag type.


But what If we add to any squad one special items/upgrades?
So for example… We can add vehicle or this cannon to assault squad.

As result some soldiers will spawn in vehicle or engineers in squad will be able build this cannon.
(Of couse vehicle should be limited… like can be only in 1 squad and 2 for premium players).


that depends of the Theatre, for exemple i did not place Flack 88 early, but very late along side the Tiguer,

The Stationary guns of Berlin will be not the same that moscow. that guarated balace.

has For fortifications like Sandbags, it will be nice if it,s a Event Reward. like Halowen unique sandbag. for exemple

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repose to Ummmm…

the Stationary guns will work exactly has the Tank and plane menu, you will be abble also to uprade it using Orders, so a Flak 88 will have 6 Stars like a Tier 3 gun.

Some latter Stationary guns will be abble to be use be tier 2 or tier 3 engenier squads, Exacltly how Tanks look,s like.

sTeaLiNg mA suGgEsTiOns!?

i’m joking.

thank you for bringing these up again :+1:

though in all honesty… feel like it’s gonna get ignored once again.

which doesnt help the fact that some schmucs are gonna tun in just to tell you " enlisted is too fast paced " or " maps are too small " despite the suggestions in questions helps to speed up a few things and makes the game a little bit better.

nevertheless, let’s hope :crossed_fingers:


Keofox already said at gunner gonna get heavy at-equipment like the flak88

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I know Erika you are a nice lady, my English Sucks has fuck.

Joking has well.

has for bringin it again, it,s part of the forum discusion sometimes ressurect what is important, otherwise good ideias will be forgoted.



Hmg news topic or him or James_Grove

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Isn’t it just plans? Anyways it would be good.
I love idea that allows other squads have some unique things.


ah. well

that is certainly a new beginning

I got some time now, any more questions?

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As I said it’s just plans (it’s not 100% info).
Maybe as result it idea maybe will be changed.
Anyways I like it.


At least is in their plan add heavy At-gun