Stug III F or Panzer IV G for the stalingrad campaign?

Hello comrades!

I wanted to ask, which one is better for stalingrad? The stug is unlocked way later than the panzer IV G, but it seems to be worse in every way:

  • less armor (50 instead of 80 frontal)
  • Same caliber (75)
  • slower
  • limited moving cannon

The stug III F seems to be worse than the Panzer IV G in every way… what do you think?

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Stug because it’s stug.



i fell in recent update a better performance of Stug 3, i can beat a KV1


But it got way worse stats than the Panzer IV?

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stuk 40 can pen more armor than kwk

its a different gameplay, and panzer 4 G really dont have 80mm of armor

Same case as JP IV after Tiger in normandy. I thought you are not new in this game.

This “problem” will be solved with tech tree update.

1st) Panzer 4g dont have real 80mm frontal armor like the t34 100mm frontal armor

2nd) stuk 40 is far better than kwk39 you can pen easily every soviet tank



Both sucks get pz3n and use heat, also nothing beats Dickermax when it comes to beating kv-1 which is p2w.
Darkflow shouldn’t be so greedy and give Dickermax to full access pack owners, since that campaign was supposed to be without micro transactions.


The panzer IV G got frontal armor 50mm, additional frontal armour 30mm and also the frontal tracks add additional 20mm…

That means it would even have 100mm right?


I am sorry, i do not understand why, is it technically not working?

in stalingrad, the panzer IV G it’s gonna be your best friend.

due to having a good gun, and an actual turret.

the stug isn’t really viable because streets are to narrow and often cramped up when it comes to stalingrad.
resulting in having to gray zone camping. not fun for you, let alone your enemies or supporting properly the ally infantry.

let alone the fact that the stug being low profile, which usually is a good thing, but due to all objecets, dead tanks around the map, it requires alot of positioning which can lead to unecessary waste of time, and occasionally leads your death on top of not having a turret to begin with.

worth to mention that the stug does not have a machinegun. so you are limited in the anti infantry capabilities.

and lastly, the nail in the coffin as they say,
Poor survivability, weak and unsloped frontal armour which can be penned by pretty much all the enemy tanks. which, potentially they can take out the 3 lined up mens…

so yeah. imo, the panzer IV G is better due to having a turret and having somewhat of a slighlty better survivability ( due to composition of crew widened )


You have multiple holes in that additional armor if enemy know where to aim he will hit your 50mm plates where there is driver window and one shot you. Germany in that campaign is so underpowered that it’s not even funny, i would rather use tnt to destroy tanks instead german tanks.

Because turret one is still 5cm and can still be penned by the t70, a tank is useless when his turret is disabled

T34 100mm armor only in lower glacis

Well, except N, T-70 and flame tanks, I would not advise to aggro with tanks (in SG) anyway.

As i said is no a real armor, who gonna shot in that point in first place?

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Translator bug, sorry, they don’t show a good translation

Laugh in T70 pen your turret, i want say some heresy here but the best tank is the more fun one and the stug is the german most fun tank in stalingrad

somehow bounces kv1 shots and has the low silhouette (talking about stug) shame they dont have seperate squads