Stop Doing Urban Campaigns

Let’s play a game. Name the campaign the image is from.

That’s right. Tunisia, Normandy then Moscow. Very easy to identify as they have unique styles and aesthetics. Very appealing. Now, try and tell which one is Berlin and which one is Stalingrad:

Did you guess Stalingrad then Berlin? What about now?

Did you guess Stalingrad then Berlin? Because you’d be wrong, it’s Berlin then Stalingrad.


If you said Berlin than Stalingrad again, you’d be correct.

The point is, even if you were able to distinguish between the two - do you see how barely recognizable Berlin and Stalingrad are compared to each other? They’re so ridiculously similar. There’s practically no difference between them visually. There’s nothing aesthetically more appealing or pleasing for one over the other.

The reason I’m saying this is to simply say to the developers: No more European city-based campaigns, please. It’d literally just be a Copy and Paste of a mixture of Berlin and Stalingrad so what’s the point? We don’t need 300 campaigns which look the same.


Tbh stalingrad and berlin both being city maps kind of makes sense as one is late war and the other one is early war so the gameplay should differ.
That’s the end of the theory. In reality StG is earlier lvl in stalingrad then in berlin.


Since we have AI in the game, they dont care if youre behind bushes. If theyll hear the slightest noise from you, they immediately, will destroy you. This aint HLL, where if you actually hide and still shoot, your exact location will not be known, since theres no AI.

Well… Yeah… Stalingrad have many textures from Berlin. :frowning:
But map design is different. Berlin have small streets, but Stalingrade have much more open area…
I think next campaign will be about USA vs Japan.

Yeah, Don’t get me wrong there is some differences in gameplay when it comes to vehicles and weapons.

I just thought I’d highlight how otherwise similar they are, to the point where you can barely recognize one over the other.

Anyways, all I’m saying is I think Berlin and Stalingrad are indeed all we need when it comes to “generic” European Cities. Of course there are a few EU cities which architecturally look completely different (eg Prague looks pretty unique) so those are always an option.

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