Stop connecting me to games where the enemy is already capping the first point

Really, nothing as annoying in this game as joining a match which already is lost (unless, maybe) you sweat like a maniac.

If you want to keep doing this, then please give me a +200% exp bonus for hanging around.


Lost or not, I just desert by principle:

I’m not eating a hamburger someone else already took a bite in.

But it doesn’t mean the match would be a loosing one.


Stop connecting me to games where my team has already capped first objective, i ain’t running all the way from first spawn to second cap

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In reality if the team already lose one objective the time you connect … its bad bad sign


well i wouldnt be against playing such games as long as i know that my teammates arent bots. and usually they are bots or enemy team has stack or two of tryhards.

Let me guess ? Allies Normandy ? Axis Berlin ? Moscow Axis?

it doesnt really matter what side or what campaign. first cap could be lost cause game started with 5 bots and 5 human players and you may be getting latecomers when enemy team has capped first point.

sometimes i play those games and you can get some really good games, or you can get total roflstomps. having one or two good latecomers can totally tip balance if your team isnt full of bots(and/or console players).

To be fair, I’ve joined games like this and stuck around to see the enemy team stall quickly after the first point.

Sometimes an overzealous attacker works his way onto the point in the first few seconds of a match and manages to push the defenders out before they can be established. This is more common on certain maps with particularly hard to defend starting points. It’s not a guarantee that they can keep it up.

The game only allows people to join for the first few minutes of gameplay, I think the real problem is that it’s even possible for the defenders to loose a point before the game really gets started. This could be fixed by giving defenders just an extra minute to prepare themselves


Late joining is one of the most annoying things in the game with the stupid matchmaking not giving me a proper start. Sure there are late joins where I can do a badass entrance by spawning a tank only if its a good team like already capping or capped 1st cap as attackers and still pushing but if defender, I just desert instantly.

If the enemy team is under 100 reinforcements wen you connect is a bad sign eiter