Stalingrad tanks. terrain and balance

so after playing for a night and doing about 30 matches and only winning 3 or 4 i have found the russian kv1 is super overpowered. as well as tank balance in general. the german AT rifle struggles to damage anything after the t-70 and thats if you can hit with how the aiming is on it. as well as the kv1 can survive running over AT mines and 3 250kg bombs directly on top of it killing every module inside but somehow not the tank or even lighting it on fire.
either the germans need a better or at least usable AT gun or better tanks as all the ones they can get up to the pz4 f1 can be penned anywhere to front by any of the russian tanks and usually 1 shot killed whereas the F1 and pz3 before it with heat shells you basically have to snipe the entire crew of the tank to kill it as it doesnt burn and ammo never seems to detonate on it.

or even rebalance the map some for where the germans can go. on almost every one the russians can park out of bounds near their spawn and just snipe from ammo ressuply and dominate the map and the only option the germans even have to to try and go head on against it at long range.

I also found that the pz4 F1 really struggles over any little bump and even got stuck and high centered on this one in screenshot.


Shoot the kV-1 behind the turret, store its ammo there, one good shot and it’s destroyed.


The KV-1 is exactly as it should be. It’s tough, but not as hard to kill as ppl think. A pz4 shot in the “cheeks” either side of the gun might even 1 shot it. It’s just not a vehicle you can aim at center mass and hope to achieve victory.

It’s also balanced. Yes, t34 and KV-1 are extremely good in Stalingrad. But Axis has the mkb42h. I like asymmetrical balance, and just like the AVT is a very decent weapon but requires some getting used to to use properly, the same can be said for the pz4 :slight_smile:


F1 is not even in Stalingrad. With Infantry, my tactic during the event was always to put a tnt on the driver’s hatch in front of the tower, it always destroyed it. I think it still works. I also shoot the middle of the front with a tank. It kills the driver and mostly 1-2 people in the turret.

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The KV-1 is a challenge to destroy but:

  1. TNT packs to the hatch and it is done
  2. The fighter plane can easily destroy the KV-1 within one bombing raid. When you see a tank on top of your nose, drop the load and it is destroyed. 90% of the time. (I say 90% as when the KV-1 is on the move it is different)
  3. I do not care about the KV-1 and its OPness. With the superior infantry weapons of the axis (thanks god, this time) you can outflank him easily and throw TNT or place TNT on its hatch.

All in all I personally dont think that the tank needs readjustments. Moreover: I see it as a challenge to secure the area and destroy it helplessly.

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