Stalingrad Grb-39 has a upgrade perk tree while not having any applicable upgrades or any way to upgrade

Bottom text. it in the first and only anti tank squad in Stalingrad


Not that the Granatbüchse is useless except for T-70 it doesn’t allow you to adjust the range so you have to fire by learned and predicted assumption, pretty bad implemented.


you can destroy every tank with it

T-70 and the flame tank are easy

the 2 T-34 are hard
on the third wheel at least I blew them on the practice range

the one tricky is the KV-1, I think the only way to take them down is shooting the top of the turret from an elevated position, e.g the roof of a building :sweat_smile:
I have to try it yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

but the problem of that weapon is the non adjustable sights
if i need to get closer to a tank to blow it up I would prefer throwing explosive pack or TNT

it’s a pain to aim with that thing

I generally prefer an AT rifle rather than a grenade launcher.
but I understand that they were becoming obsolete

either way upgrading at rifles in moscow campaign doesnt improve penetration
so it seems useless to upgrade them,

unless it improves the time to kill by increasing the damage :thinking:

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