Stalingrad Customisation - Is this a bug or are we getting scammed?

So I have been messing around with the customisations on the last USSR assault squad as the poor fellows dressed in winter camo, making their survival rate in the not too snowy streets of Stalingrad less favourable. So far I could only afford to kit out a single fellow to a less conspicuous set of clothing, but when I went into a match I noticed that he was again wearing his white overcoat rather than the one I gave him. So what is the point of changing appearance in the lobby but not in the game? Especially for such outrageous prices? Why would you dress an assault squad in full white in a city with no snow? I get it, it is historical to a point, but when you give us a choice, don’t put a twist on it. Or is it an unfortunate bug?

This is how he looks in matches:

And this is how he looks on the squad screen:



nah… you just didnt spend enough money on it. you need to pay 100$ to enable actual customization in battle. otherwise it is only customized on squad screen.




Many companies do Pay-2-Win but only Gaijin does Pay-2-Not-Lose
if you want your assaulters to not stand out in white.

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well i have 2 Skins for my Airplane, but i didnt see it inGame.


same there((