Stalingrad Campaign - Decals not unlocking for re-use

Can I request that vehicle decals are properly unlocked for vehicles as per WT implementation.

For example, I have used the 24Pz Div emblem on one aspect of my PzIV in the Stalingrad campaign, but I get some random message about the decal being able to be unlocked as a reward, when I try to use the same decal on another aspect of the same tank.

Once you pay for a decal, you should be able to apply it up to the limit of the decal slots. Why are you locking decals up for single use only or worse yet charging for them again on different tanks ?

You already have a functioning decal system in WT, how hard is it to cut and paste ???

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It is not a bug, it is currently working like that as intented.
Put that topic into suggestions.
Besides: Totally agreeing with you.

Trying to squeeze just that much more money
All the free decals from WT are paid lol

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