Staff Roster

Hello! I took a bit of my freetime and made you a Teamroster so you know who is who and who is responsible for what. Im gonna make a better one once I understood the Software used for it better…

It is very simple I know but I think its understandable enough. Its gonna be updated if something changes!


Then where does KeoFox fit in?

As far as I understood he is leading the Forum helpers

Thank you Duck boy, very cool :+1:

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Your welcome!

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But who is the Forum helper?


what about all this other guys?

And why we have/need forum moderators that dont even log in on the forums for months/since 2020?


There is not everyone at all, huh, seem that here is only the int. stuff

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there’s software for such stuff
Free Organization Chart Maker (
thanx, year later we know whose fault is it (keo/CM)
who are forum devs, devs on forum, or devs of the forum?)
I don’t rly care just flaming :smiley:

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You forgot Deckard… @107874361

Keofox manages a team of helpers consisting of @GROSSE_KAISER and @1998113

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Somebody can forgot Decard, but Decard wouldn’t forget anybody…:new_moon_with_face:


Welcome to our club (helpers that are not listed)


Working on it, I have no list of whos helper whos not

Only 2 helpers
Kaiser and Endless_Fox.

@689878 Are you not also a Helper??