Stacking XP boosters is an exploit! Dont do that!

Thanks devs for finally able to point out the exact match they considered as “exploit”

For why I able to stack or store so many see this post:
I got mad for always getting poor match when I have a XP booster.

The way to do this:

Now, I am officially confirmed that stacking multiple XP boosters is exploit, and can lead to a wipe!
Dont do that.

And dev please fix this bug ASAP before many other players may “exploit” this without knowing this is an exploit.

Also, dont buy daily reward if you have activated XP boosters ready to use.

Those players like this:

Original post: 大佬们怎么做到这样的加成【enlisted吧】_百度贴吧 (
Oct 24, before CB match came out.
Was also exploiting XP boosters.
Though dev failed to tell us in advance.

Dont do that!

PS: I had already played lots of CB matches before:
Like this one, but since they do not count it as “abnormal”, then you can certainly play CB matches alone.


I think that stacking boosters wouldn’t be problem normally when the outcome of the battle is unpredictable but stacking in custom battle vs bots where you are sure to get win and battle awards multiplier can be considered an exploit.


The whole forum told you, keofox, and now you admit it, please no more, you’ve done enough to make us laugh


Who told us clearly that stacking XP boosters is exploit? Link?

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But since dev clearly told us that CB is normal reward. So I dont think using one or more XP boosters is exploit.


We already can obtain so much XP even without CB.

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costum battles against AI are battles won from the start use a lot of xp busters, it can be considered an exploit, since you are farming xp


Who can lose a custom battle? Except small numbers of PVPs rooms.

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“deliberately”? Are you kidding? I just happened to have so many XP boosters.
And I just happened decided to use them here.
There’s ppl already doing this before, and who know it suddenly become exploit here?

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S words?
For 3 times?


Your swearwords already showing you have no evidence at all. But is washed by devs and their fancy words.
And completely off topic and troll.

  • According to the bronze orders that wiped out, it was not equal to his experience that wiped out

  • According to his experience that wiped out, it was not equal to a bronze order that wiped out

Who’s wrong? Absolutely not my math :grinning:


dude, you right !

Gaijin wiped out the accounts according to Gaijin server, you cant fight against its server.

OTHERWISE, you will be banned hahahaha

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Where did they say that this game in Tunis was why you were wiped?
If you played that game AFTER exploiting earlier games, then yes, that Tunis game would also have progression lost.
They said that they rolled back progress from point A (earliest game that they determined that the EULA was broken) to point B (the time of the partial wipe).
So it sounds like all progress for ALL games between point A and point B would have been lost.
Spamming the same screenshot of a game where you spent stacked BP boosters does nothing to prove that you did not earlier exploit the game and break the EULA

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Well, do you know stacking XP boosters is exploiting before? What’s XP boosters purpose? To give more XP? Even getting some more XP is exploit, then what is XP boosters for? And they clearly said those without XP boosters are not exploit.

You clearly did not understand my comment. IF you exploited the game in a match BEFORE you played a NORMAL game where you stacked boosters. The NORMAL game would also have had the progress wiped. They wiped progress for a block on time, they didn’t examine individual games

You are not even know what they said and my situation.
The most important thing-- Is using multiple XP booster exploit?
They said yes. But this is a common practice well before CB.

Where did the Devs say it was an exploit?

easy fix would be banning people who do this.

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