Spotting tanks from an aircraft on PS5

this is about two glitches really but mostly the latest one.

months ago it was made possible to use quick chat from within vehicles and while it works on the ground in tanks and cars it doesn’t work from inside aircraft. This may also be connected to a more recent glitch in which I am unable to spot tanks from inside my aircraft after the latest QoL No 15 update.

I would appreciate if this could be fixed so i could use quick chat and spotting from inside aircraft as that would be very useful to have. I wouldnt mind having traditional text chat either but thats currently not available on console anyways whereas quick chat is actually just broken for aircraft at this time.

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jeah or a Text Chat like PC Players…

You can do this, just check button conflicts

i have tried this with default controls and with my slightly adjusted binds its just broken. Show me an example of yourself on PS5 using default binds and I will believe you

none of this helps with my issue and is kinda not what i want anyways. I prefer having the pointer/“mouse” aim mode enabled due to the stability assist it provides which allows me to have some amount of accuracy from a controller. I would only turn off the assist if i had a full hotas set but thats just not practical for what i have going on.

My minorly adjsuted custom binds dont directly interfere with the default controls they add a few extra functions that weren’t there before such as manual inputs for pitch/roll so i can look around while in the middle of a dogfight and not lose track of the target.

The fact that default controls aren’t functional with the spotting feature shows how completely broken it is.

The only thing you need to look at is what conflicts you have with up dpad, perhaps flaps up? Anyways, glad you found it no help, good luck!