Spectating myself?

So, weird bug, spawned in and couldn’t turn with the mouse, trying to strafe with A or D lost all control and provided strange PoV. Seem to have been spectating myself.

Video Evidence:

You are spectating another player (just like it says on your screen).
You were killed with no reinforcements left.
Then you enter spectator mode.
You can spectate the remaining forces, not yourself.

except I was in control. I was intentionally moving forward/backward with W/S, but couldn’t strafe, and this was on a respawn. Switching between spectator perspectives with A/D doesn’t change what I’m actually looking at, it just changes what I see in the bottom left and messes up the camera.

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, I wasn’t asking if I could spectate myself, I was making a bug report.

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I had that too once. But I was too busy laughing my as* off. Never happened again.

In that case, please follow this or nobody will read your bug report I’m afraid https://forum.enlisted.net/t/how-to-create-a-bug-report/