Something wrong with HE shells? (Ps5 Berlin) - ignore must have been edge case

I was using the Tiger II on Berlin and aiming at the ground, near bunches of troops, not a single kill?

Is this something to do with new ricochet changes, surely Heat should detonate on impact?

@1488794 could you report this to devs please?


Something’s definitely wrong with the tank HE shell now. I’m suffering from the same problem with both the German and Soviet tanks

I only have played Moscow T-34/PZ4s and Berlin IS-2. Only PZ4’s shorter barrel guns are much useful to hit the ground, all others need to find vertical surface to triggered the explosion.
@1942786 Consider try playing some tank’s HE and tweak the ricochet of HE for a bit. (APs are fine) Especially for city maps like Berlin. We all know lots of surface in this game will simply “eat” HE’s explosion and thus we prefer to shoot the ground first.