Something is off about the grenade launcher rifle ammo

Something is off about the grenade launcher rifle ammo…
So if I have 1 rifle I can shoot 3 grenades with 1 rifle
but if I have 2 of them then
I can shoot 5 grenades with 1 rifle and then 1 with the other?!?! What’s up with that?
It should be an even number for both.
Would be nice if you guys can fix it, thanks.

no they are fine like this

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Each rgl has 3 grenades: 2 in pockets and one in the throwing device because they are loaded as default, thanks to the game update.
So if you have 2 rgls (and you are a fucking explosives spammer), you have 4 grenades in pockets and 2 grenades loaded to two throwing devices.
So when you equip one of your rifle grenades, you see one grenade loaded and 4 in your pockets. Menawhile the 6th grenade is loaded to the second gun because rgls are loaded as default.

Works as intended.
Don’t spam explosives.


well, not really, tbh.
Makes no sense to fire 5 grenades with one gun for then to switch to the other load the grenade on it for just 1 shot.
no sense at all. Either have 3 on each or allow only one with 6 on 1 gun.

or Nerf them to 3 globally so no One spam them anymore.


Well I like even mechanics, but I guess that’s just me liking that.
6 grenades in the pocket, load 3 on one and 3 on the other, simple and clean.

Not an issue of spamming, just an issue of distribution. Having to load the launcher on the rifle only for 1 grenade, seems blah mechanic.

Or you go to Normandy Allies to equip an M1 Carbine GL and an M1 Garand GL for extra fun :slight_smile:

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Hey Keckles, I tried to attach the grenade launcher to the carbine but doesn’t seem to work in Tunisia, we can’t there, right?

The M1 Carbine GL is a specific weapon, not all M1 Carbines can do that. Tunisia has the SMLE GL instead of the M1 Carbine GL.

gotcha thanks Keckles