Some thoughts/suggestion on symbol restrictions

For background info see:

Currently dev is trying to make sensitive insignia as vague as possible:


(But this time failed to examine the Panther A model/skin)

Basic: Continue to tweak/change the sensitive logo to avoid restrictions. But still keep the general feeling of that symbol’s distinction.

Advanced: Provide different game files/versions to players at different regions.
Steam already does it for a long time. For example, to pass USK examination. RO2 only provide low violence + complete Nazi free version to German users. While provide uncensored version to rest of worlds. (Still some tweaks to RU version)
If dev are worried about RU audience. Consider provide different game files to RU language’s game.

Exploit: Like many small-mid size game studio. They unable to afford real world’s trademark and GOVERNMENT EXAMINATIONs. They provide CLEANEST game as DEFAULT. And LEAK the replacement MOD/PATCH via 3RD PARTY/places.
Letting users able to manually replace the file for better and authentic experience.


BTW: Stop spamming remove XXX as it really annoying and make other user not knowing what actually happened.
I have no clue wtf happened until dig through a dozen threads until aware of all because gold Panther A removal.

Also, as usual, I have no hope of Gaijin customer service work at all. They are really USELESS all the time!



What about this:



Read another book

Germany has become quite chill with nazi symbols too in Videogames and Movies, just look at the new Sniper elite 5, Swastikas everywhere in the German version. Viedogames are considered in the Department of Art and Education in Germany, so the showing of Nazi symbols is permitted there.