Some of my feelings about this modern conflict event (by the end of this event)

First, it’s obviously DF is trying to do something to encounter the BF2042’s launch. But, I have no complain of this action.
Also, though I havent bought this gen’s BF, BF2042. I have watched lots of stream+videos and steam’s review. Which… is such a contrast to this event.
(BTW, recent 3A games: GTA trilogy. COD18. And BF2042 are all failed spectacularly.)

Though BF2042 still keeping their 3A class shooting gameplay (from the control to animation, and hit feedback, etc. But some worse than previous BF). But at the content side. DF who still keep the some kind of ORIGINAL background of a FPS game.
BF V is already failed at providing realism. And BF2042… WTF why even DICE have made the real US/RU uniform, but just dont let players to use them. (If I buy 2042 in the future, Im gonna play portal first.)

While Enlisted’s event. Though has many drawback than BF. But at least provide some feeling of military stuffs.

Enlisted, trying to recreate some of RU/US’ uniform characteristic. So that making distinguish friendlies and enemies much easier (also more natural) than BF2042.

And showed the power of vehicles. (BF2042… the hovercraft is the king)

Also a decent kinds of weapons.

Also 2042’s destruction is much fewer than previous BFs. Enlisted’s destruction is also not much nor good. But now this two’s destruction is closer to each other.

Overall. Enlisted at least keep on the “classic” FPS track. While BF2042 tried too much newer stuffs that is derailed.

But if DF want to bring modern conflict using existing Enlisted’s mechanism. The balance of vehicles and infantry (also using modern high fire/power weapons in a WW2’s distance+density… dosent really fit) (body armor). Also help new players able to distinguish enemies and friendlies (especially the tanks!).

Bring more models is not that hard. But what’s important is to bring more new mechanism that add variety of the gameplay.
If DF bring modern content here, but the gameplay is still current WW2’s rifle’s gunplay, aim, shoot, kills or get killed, respawn. Maybe not that fun. But will give players a feeling of bored! Think of other kind of weapons.

BTW, I already knows that this game will somedays jump out of WW2. Both from its title “Enlisted”, also CRSED’s weaponry. CRSED is just a “preview” of this game. DF is a small studio, so they wont waste any models they made! Now the game besides fixing lots of bugs. What’s more important is to improve game mechanism. To bring more new and fun functions to the game. To not let players bored of limited weapons and vehicles. This game will quickly run out of common weapons and vehicles. What’s next attractions to player?

Also an archive of weapons:

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It was a fun event.

Anyway I would love. For sure, an ww1 campaign.


They could take inspiration from Isonzo to do it, so “O la vittoria o tutti accoppati

Sorry brother. I don’t understand Taiwanese. XD

Bruh you dont play battlefield 1

Never did :frowning:

is a line of dialogue of the Italian assaulters at the beginning of their campaign, it means: or we win or we are dead

My feelings on it is it was fun but only for a few games

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DF has nothing to fear from bf. That crap is rated “overwhelmingly negative” on steam :laughing:


It’s been going down hill since bf4

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Content is good and all but hit registry and networking issue have to be on a level with competition. Overtime, it doesn’t matter which new toys are added, if you keep getting annoyed by shots not landing. Or having an absolute fucaru with people corner picking like it’s a freaking Tarkov all again.
Despite numerous issues in BF2042, they are mostly content/balance issues, that are easy to patch, the core of the game works really well. I can take a position with a rifle or an mg and train my shots, it’s gets better and better as you do it more because you have a good feedback loop. In Enlisted, just on Tunisia alone, I had matches where I was able to hit like 1 time out of 10 where before I hit all 10, this is not a “good” feedback loop, it’s exactly the opposite from good. When you get on one of these servers you just have to fly or maybe tank, otherwise just leave as it’s a waste of time.

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Amusingly, modern BF and Enlisted share a lot of root issues. Lack of attention to detail, wrong focus, obsession with an overused battle royale genre, pointless bots, messy game design / mechanics with a mash of borrowed things that don’t work together.

Enlisted even has some issues that DICE has already moved away from after Battlefront disaster, which is probably not a coincidence considering the timing.

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