Soldier's Cosmetic Concept Idea ( Enhance it by expanding it )

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greetings, and welcome to this thread where i’ll mainly discuss on how to enhance and improve the cosmetic system within enlisted. in order to improve what we have, and make it even better. but first, let’s take a step back, and allow me to give:


i’ll start by saying that, enlisted has quite a good cosmetic system. quite " solid ", and has a lot of variety since the new update, which it’s what we like. ( and i absolute love it. )

but, the problems that arises are, ( and the reason why i decided to make this post in the first place ) after i tried the editor, and found out the huge amount of cosmetics inside enlisted, i realize that we only get to pick from a stricted and very small handpicked selection in the base game. the other issue that many users found ( and my self included considering that i have bought cosmetics ) is how expensive this system is. like, i spent around 2k of gold and barely managed to fully customized at least two squads from head to bottom… of only one faction. let alone having pieces that does not match the camo together :frowning: .

( i don’t regreat it, but 5 euro per soldier it’s quite expensive )

so, as i said, this system it’s good, but could be alot better. and as everyone knows me at this point, i don’t criticize without having actual solutions or resolutions about the matter. As such, let’s start.


without further do, i’m gonna list what i think it’s necessary in order to improve and make the whole cosmetic soldiers for enlisted greater than ever, and probably, greater than many other titles out there. but we are not here for competition. we are here to make things right:

1) Expand the customization by adding more categories

what i mean by this is, instead of selling cosmetics through presets, divide further more the customization and allow players and users to being able to fully customize by pieces:

a small legend of each pieces, and what they are/do


in this slots, players can select weather they want different type of backpacks, or hide it completely.
( more examples and types of backpacks will be shown in how does this practically work )

Accessory 1

this category basically allows to select what you want that your soldier uses on the weist.
( for example, you can decide weather wear the full kit having the bread bag, canteen, shovel, and roll. or, the other way around, only select one specific item instead of the full kit which will be cheaper. )


self explanatory. no changes here.






allow players to select which type of headgears and apply decals if they want to:

Decals and patches

a nice introduction in my honest opinion, would be helmet decals, and the reintroduction of rank/division patches over the shoulder ( although, might work better for the americans, as at one point, they had those ). in this section, players will be able to select a fixed in place decal on the helmet, and if they want, divisional patches over the shoulders.
it is true and in order to avoid problems with laws like @88761617 rightfully said,

( here: Give your army a unique style! - #123 by 88761617 )

So i came up with a solution and possible examples of decals that shouldn’t offend anyone:

Helmet Decals example list

keep in mind that those are only example. don’t necessary have to be final. but just to give the idea and the correct representation.
( as you can see, they don’t necessarily have to be accurate. but realistic. and should technically avoid issues. )
( i know, there are many more countries. but for the sake of time and semplicity, you get the idea. also gg to me for screwing up the mask )

and many, many others. but as i said, those do not have to be final. just to give a few ideas.




Self explanatory, but in addition, in this section you can select hairs for your character.

( hair styles )

Since we know those are in the game and looks so amazing:

other images in this thread: Add a Hair option for the Soldiers

Accessory 2

in this category, players will be able to select weather they want to wear binocles, map holder, different types of bags, and generally pieces that are attached to the chest. ( more examples will be shown through out this concept idea )

Pouches ( left and right )

in this category, players can select any type of pouches based on their preferences if they want to match the equipment that they are using for more authenticity. ( for example, use a holster pistol, a g43 pouches. or a mp40 pouch with a grenade pouch on the other side. just many examples and stuff that currently are not possible to do )

2) Make Shovels, Flasks, Binocles and Knives Appear Phisically on the soldiers if equipped

similar to pouches. i don’t really get why the pouches remain and are visible, but not for the tools.
and similarly to how pouches currently work, if players do not like them, they can hide them similar to backpacks and other pieces through paying/using customization tickets.

3) About Prices,


A: Reduce Prices by at least double the cost ( both in terms of gold and cards )

or, more reasonably,

B: Keep the prices, BUT allow each pieces that has been bought to be used globally for the whole campaign. OR to the very least, tied Universally within the squad. and double the price on premium cosmetics

because again, prices are quite expensive. 5 euro for just a singular dude, it’s too much. again, i know sounds bad when we ask to lower prices, but hear me for a second, in order to conpensate, the pieces will change price based on what they have.

for example, let’s take the bread bags and let’s price them based on what they offer:

as you can see, the more stuff they have, the more pricey they will be.

but remember, in order to work, they must be universal. otherwise as i originally said, they would have to be drastically decresed.

So, again, either decrease prices IF you are going to use the current system where you can only buy one piece at a time for a soldier.

or KEEP the price if those cosmetic pieces will be universal that more soldiers will be able to use it ( within the campaign )

and last but not least, i know this might sound contradditory, but bare with me for a moment, in order to expand and make it even better;

4) Allow Every Premium Customization pieces inside the selection.

( outside special ones )

before you’ll want my head on a pike, bear with me for a moment.
adding premium cosmetics will only benefict the selection of the cosmetic allowing more choice as some pieces would fit more with others. matter of fact, devs already did so by allowing players to use the brown trenchcoat from moscow mg premium squad, and gerat berlin squad. ( as well as ppd premium squad for the soviet from berlin. the one with the armor ) so, they thought about that, but again. kinda limited. it would be better in my opinion, ALL or at least, THE MAJORITY of premium squads cosmetics would be added to the main selection.

and for those who bought premium squads, they will be ( or to the very least, SHOULD BE ) able to use their cosmetics on default squads with no limits of usages. as they previously bought those squads.

on the other hand, in order to make it more fair and still allow free to players or people that normally buy, as previously hinted, be able to wear those premium cosmetics as well but for double the price compared to normal campaign clothings.

for example, if a normal torso cost 8 tickets, a premium one will cost 16. so normal users would be later on be able to use those cosmetics universally on the campaign.

it’s still a downside, because even if you buy just the torso, you’ll have to buy individually pants as well. and they do not come with their weapons in the premium conter part, nor bonus of xps.

sounds reasonable to me. but let me know what you guys and girls thinks about it.


in order to integrate and be more easy to follow, i’ll show step by step how this new system would work, and how it would look like plus showing some concrete examples.

as per usual, players should go on the little pencil in order to change their appearance and this is what appears.

all familiar up to this point.

here it is an example on how it’s gonna work and what additionally can be found inside those categories.

then you select pretty much everything else accordingly.

so, let’s start with headgears.
once you have selected the desired headgear, you will be able to select decals ( that are in a fixed position in order to avoid unrealistic placements that some players are known for ) within the option at the bottom left.

kinda similar to customizing a tank. and prices will be same for the decals.
( although, unlike tank’s decals, the helmet’s one should be universal… ):

from here, you will be able to select decals.

( either with enlisted gold, or callsign orders. since we have lots of those, but it’s not like we name every dude. but it’s up to devs )

( the way german helmets works are, usually decals are on the left and right. same for russian ones i think. ).
( italian, british, and american helmets on the other hand, decals are located on the frontal and back “part” of the helmet )

  • then, let’s select a torso, hands ( if you want )
    ( for patches, it’s going to be the exact way for decals but instead, the button will be upon the torso. part )

*They will come without pouches though.
as the new system will allow players to individually chose what they want.

  • then, let’s select pouches:

  • then accessories 1:
    ( which, can be either glasses, map holders, bags, and everything that is on the " frontal " of the soldier )

  • then accessories 2:
    ( acc 2, are everything that is located in the back of the soldier. for example, bread bags, pots and gas can bags. )

  • then backpacks:
    ( this section, it’s mostly usefull if you want to hide the backpack, ( because you might thing that the ones in default doesn’t suit you for the class he is being, or if you want to change the type and colors )

  • and lastly, legs.

so, with that in mind, here are a few examples of what we are able to do within the editor:
( only few though… sorry. having issues with time lately ):
( and if devs allow us, we can do them in the game. which it’s the main point of this suggestion. darkflow plz big and expand )

German Examples

( Croatian Soldier )

( Luftwaffe Feld Division )

( by @35282387 )

( Vulksturm - Summer - short )

( Rider )

( Winter Soldier 1 )

( Winter Soldier 2 )

( Winter Panzer Grenadier )

( Panzer Grenadier Flame Trooper )

( Gebirgsjäger )

( Grenadier 1 )

( Grenadier 2 )

( Grenadier 3 )

( Pioneer )

( French Elite Trooper: )

( Paratroopers: )

( Random Radio Operator )

( Helmetless Berlin Medic )

( ( admitting that the campaign will have medics ), also ignore the lady. reason why is there it’s because apparently you can pretty much put every cosmetics upon a character in the editor and i was messing around. although body proportions are a bit off )

( Berlin Sniper )

( desert Soldier 1 )

( desert Soldier 2 )

( and the list could go on and on )

USSR Examples

Conscript with hairs:

( by @35282387 )


( by @114040769 )

Tanker 1:

( also by @114040769 )

NKVD Officer 1:

( also by @114040769 )

NKVD Offficer 2:

Winter Soldier:

( and well, i don’t have others examples. because unlike the germans, russian’s customization actually have lots of variants compared to the germans. which it’s fine. they all look great, but more would be better )

etc. you get the idea.


this section is more of a Q&A

1) why do you want more slots of customization?

the reason why i ask to increase the customizable details, it’s because thanks to the editor knowledge, we know how the each piece is individual and works independently unlike the current system that pouches and accessories are tied together. resulting in not being able to accurately use the pouches base on the weapon and give a more authentic look to our soldiers.
for example, all the current selection for the german army regarding trench coats, do not come with either machinegun pouches, nor stg 44s, nor mp40s, and not even being able to put a binocle. all we can do, is either select a pouch with the k98 and a pistol holster, or only both k98 pouches. no other choices… a bit lacking…
beside that, currently we cannot decide weather if we can keep or remove those strapped bags, nor decide witch backpack we can use, and not even being able to select a pistol holster, and/or binocles, etc.

2) what happens if i already have a tool equipped, for example a shovel?, and what happens if i dont?

alright so, if players already have the tools, ( binocles, shovels, a left pouch and stuff ) the game will automatically give you the customization WITHIN the soldier that already has those stuff equipped.

allowing you to buy the missing pieces ( pot, gasmask, backpack, or whatever you desire to put )

or hide it if you don’t like them. kinda like how current system for pouches works.

the benefict is that, since you bought it in bronze, you will not have to buy it with the cards or gold. but, you will not be able to universally have the shovels or stuff. because you either buy the customization ( which should be universal… if devs allows it ) or you individually buy the pieces through logistics.

3) you previously mentioned, hide backpacks? how does it work?

simple, within the customization, you can hide your backpack if you want, or replace them with others backpack.

because it’s self explanatory.
doesn’t make much sense. but, weather you can’t hide those class specific backpacks, you will be able to change their models for something simlar. for example, in the radio case, you will be able to equip another type of radio. same for the flametroopers, you will only be able to change the shape of the canister, but not transform it into something else. as it would be quite odd and unlogical to somehow use the flametrhower without the canister.

4) What would devs earn by doing this?

if we think about it, as we increased the slots, more customization is available, and hence more available purchases for the players.

as, each pieces ( hopefully ) will be universal once bought, and applied to many soldiers, more purchase will be made as and people are more willingly to spend 5 euro for a skin instead of 5 euro for a singular dude… )

5) why bother?

well, i’m a huge nerd when it comes to customization and i truly love to customize each details and make my soldiers have the right equipment and look authentic as possible.

plus as i said, i find it a bit lacking in term of options. so… instead of whine and complain, i propose my best suggestion and possible solution about the matter.

it’s weird, because in the editor, we have lots of incredible opportunities, and yet, in the game we only have 1/6 selection of what’s inside the editor. with not a lot of " true " customization when it comes to torso pieces.


so yeah, that’s pretty much it. if you have anything to say, or to ask, just comment. and let’s hope for the best.

don’t forget to leave your custom made with the editor looks that you want to see in the game, so devs can see what players want and would like.


( i know this thread looks like a bit… rushed and unpolished. but due to lack of time, it’s hard for me to do alot of things. so i had to keep it short as possible )

( perhaps i will others cosmetic faction as well when i will have a bit more of time, but i think it should give the idea )


Just love it when you do one of your very elaborate and extensive post. Good one!



about the patches on clothes, it would be wonderful if they came up with the rank patches. good work on this!


Great, I love your publication, I see your love in improving the video game, I hope that the developers see this type of very constructive ideas. We get customization and more variety and they get the money. Everybody wins!


Great analysis! Well done.

Just one personal preference: I really want ammo and grenade pouches to appear based on the weapon and grenade selected in weapon slots:
if you select MP-40, you get ammo pouches for MP-40 (or at least for ‘tall magazines’),
if you select a stripper-clip weapon, you get stripper-clip ammo pouches;
drum mag pouches for drum mags and so on.

More on my 5 cents here:


Someone should get paid all I’m sayin’ …


The effort in this post, the devs must please at least concider it :slight_smile:

and for those who bought premium squads, they will be ( or to the very least, SHOULD BE ) able to use their cosmetics on default squads with no limits of usages. as they previously bought those squads.

  • This is the best part for me since i paid probably 150$ for unusable premium squads

It’s all pointless if a single boot cost over 1 euro, just more whale milking

read the effe suggestion.

it would have spared you this comment.

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you have to put a big disclaimer in this type of topic at the beginning like:

DISCLAIMER: (read the effe suggestion)

Also their Argument about certain symbols being prohibited: Many European Countries like Germany, Austria, France Prohibit all Nazi symbols if they are shown or worn in Public. But an exception is Art and Education. Videogames are considered Part of Art and Education in most European countries, which is why Movies like Inglorious basterds don’t get censored into oblivion, or why the New Sniper Elite 5 has Swastikas on literally every Frame of the game.
Enlisted is a Video game, so They’ll probably just need to put a disclaimer somewhere in the game that they don’t condone any Nazi politics and are just trying to make everything as accurate as possible and Voilá.

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they did:
more precisely, since the alpha.

but apparently, it does not work.

so… better be safe than sorry.

That disclaimer is not enough, this is just about Persons, not about the potential Nazi symbols, which has to be adressed separately. It is legal since 2018 in germany to show Nazi symbols in Videogames. One of the Argumentative Points also is, if they are Marked with swastkas, they are clearly visible as Nazis, and you can kill Nazis without remorse, which is better than killing some random Germans, who are not more specified.

this sounds like a lovely idea and id really want it to be a thing, one thing tho, you missed the fact that face masks being separate from helmets should also be a thing,

these things would not only make the soldier appear more scary, but will also highly benefit in providing extra camouflage for soldiers

additional idea that i have is to be able to customize your primary weapon with camouflage


Actually, dev is just being too lazy about customization. And too greedy at current customization completion level.
If you tried editor, soldier’s “attachments” already has ~10 different items attached to a soldier. Each item has its own “slot” type. Dev just hide this to public.

Also, price is too expensive. To customize a soldier, at least 20~30 green tickets needed. That’s well over 1~5USD PER SOLDIER.
Most game sold customization as a “LICENSE”. You bought this, you can use at whatever amount of soldiers you want (as long as fit soldier category).
In Enlisted… You pay for those “reused” uniforms just without RNGs.

Let alone current Stalingrad customization is a mess.
It’s RIDICULOUS that even you bought the same uniform and the same uniform is showed in other squad’s options. You can’t shared the uniforms you bought to other squads. WTF… What if I stopped using this squad, then all I spent in this squad’s uniforms are all wasted.

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I’ve read it.
I’ve also read keo statement that we would unlock customizations once per item.
I’ve also read him say that they cost would be miscellaneous.

I’m just done with their bullshit and know that their greed always shows in the end


That Weapon camo is actually a thing in Enlisted already. It was a twitch drop I missed sadly, where you could get allied and Axis bolt actions with camo skins.
Probably because it was a twitch drop it is quite rare and unknown.

Yeah, this system needs a remake. i waited until I had my optimized setup for stalingrad and then just customized the Squadleaders so they are Visible a s Officers or NCO’s

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Great content! That Soviet officer’s clothes were really cool, I looked through the documentation on his hat and collar, he was an officer from a tank/artillery unit.


His hat is No. 3 in Figure 1 and his collar is No. 13 in Figure 2.