Soldier Customization and Ranking

I know since the game is in beta this probably won’t come for a while but I would like it if I could customize my Soldiers instead of having like 2 with a helmet and the reset with caps. Instead I should be able to give them all helmets or caps? I would like it if you could have your soldiers get promoted by like getting kills, Capping objectives etc and If they get a high enough rank they become officer like 1 officer per squad or something is maximum.

according by a dev ( that i quote ):

in this thread:

that was made before open beta ( announcing the upcoming beta).

we got everything checked from this post exept that said voice of customization.

no words has been said about it, but i guess it’s coming either way.

perhaps they are buzy with bug fixes and missing others content as well.

so yeah, that’s all what we know.


There’s the new and weird green tickets in battle pass system. Now, I only get one of them that has effect on academy. My friends have found some weird green “haircut”/“rename” tickets (not available now) for…changing the face? and the name.
PS: my friends and I still want a more advanced customization… not a simple changing face…

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thanks for the info.

but i kinda would like to avoid the game allowing players to have full squad with the same face…

a bit off in my opinion.

but the only way to change nicknames and face if it’s going to be through battlepass tickets, it’s really sad…