Small things I'd like to be added to enlisted

  • flametrooper’s fuel tanks exploding if shoot by the enemy

  • using the rifle grenade launcher intended iron sights

-PZB-39 having the same fast mag swap function as the erma emp 44, currently the extra mag is not present in the gun when in-battle and the only change in stats is 20 more ammunition rounds compared to the PBZ-38, there should be a quick mag swap faster than a regular empty mag reload

  • mg nest based on faction ( fun fact: did you know the symbol for the mg nest in the upgrades is a DP-27, ironic right ?)

  • AA based on faction

  • buildings for the engineers
    Double stacked barbed wired
    Medkit box
    Romanian gate
    Sandbag wall with a window
    Small ladder

-Drivers only hull mg and backwards facing mgs (you’d need to switch to the mg observation device to use the mg, the turret would still rotate)

Tail gunners (same thing as the back of the turret mg)

  • AT mines that aren’t pressure activated

-new backpack equipment that allows a soldier to carry more mines

  • binoculars and trench binoculars

and that’s all like and comment or I’ll curse you to only be able to play bf2042 and cod vanguard :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Most of what you said is what we need in the game. I am pretty sure the devs will make necessary changes to the game before officially releasing it.

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I don’t understand your point about the PZB-39, I mean that thing has no mags, just boxes on the side of the rifle. The soldier needs to take every single round by hand and put it into the breach.

Honestly, I don’t think they should have binoculars since that removes one of the big incentives of using snipers which is being able to use the scope to spot enemy activity and give intel for the team or locate an artillery target for their radio man. If you want long range view optics, I think you should equip a sniper to your squad, just so that Snipers see the light of day even in campaigns where they don’t get OP “Sniper” assault rifles like the MKB42, FG42/II, Sniper AVS, etc.

When i say mags i mean the boxes of ammunition the gun has, PBZ-38/9 has two types of reloading, first each individual round into the chamber and then changing the box containing the ammo, the fast “box” reload is pretty simple instead of grabbing another box from the pocket he just grabs the one on the left side of the gun, simple.

Sincerely if snipers aren’t already that used and the only worth usage of them is that, then having binoculars won’t change the fact that they aren’t worth using, blame the game not a piece of tactical gear.

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You know that a lot of people have been writing about this on the forum since the time of the CBT?

No, i didn’t participated in CBT so there’s no way for me to know that, I’m new here

Most people dont know this because its a boring and unnecessary function, but maybe you give it a try:

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Mostly yes, except for exploding flamethrower fuel tank. It’s Hollywood fantasy as far as I know.
Also hull mg in tank should be by default AI controled with option to control it yourself.

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Great post. I agree with everything but this:

Bruh no stop it, mines are to come around in the battle, nobody uses them and if i go out of my way to play a mine, i want to at least to carry more than 1

AI operated only only if you are in the driver’s seat and it requires soldier in the radio operator seat, otherwise it’s too op

I agree about radio guy, but not making hull MG AI controled at the all time defeats it’s purpose. It’s meant to be an auto sentry gun on/in a tank. If I have to act to make it do it’s job, I might as well use coax or commander’s MG.

I’d think it’d be balanced if :

-you need to have a soldier AI in the radio operator seat

-you need to be using the driver’s seat

× not the gunner or the commander seat

  • you can (also) manually control it in the driver’s seat

This would make hull MGs totally pointless. I’d rather use coax MG and main canon than switch to driver to operate MG with limited firing arc. Even if the turret is facing backwards.

This one is confusing. Please elaborate.

Hull mg ,coax mg and the main cannon would be too broken, even more if you don’t need to aim yorself
Only way I’d see this being balanced if it would share the same mg ammo pool with the coax mg but tanks mg already come with more ammo that you can burn

Please explain how you’d balance this so that foot soldiers have a fighting chance

I meant that you or the ai wouldn’t be able to operate the hull mg if you weren’t in the driver’s seat

Hull MG should have limited range (let’s say 30m) so AI won’t be able to snipe people across the map. At the same time it will be enough of a range to protect the tank against TNT.

It will also make range AT weapons more usefull as you can engage from safe distance. Especially vs tanks like T-35 that have MGs that can aim almost all arround the tank (assuming MG turrest will be AI controlled).
Although logically after shooting near the tank, AT gunner should be targeted by AI hill MG no matter the distance.

You will be able to controll hull MG to acheave whatever and at the same time it will be powerfull deffence tool yet limited in offencive.

Also to be fair we should deal with tanks camping in the grey zone before adding hull MG. Current tanks are already too powerfull with this “feature”.

Why would I use it then? I’d rather have radio guy move to the the gunner’s seat and operate the turret.
Hull MG of your design is ballanced but also useless imo. At least I don’t see a reason to use it.

I agree with this only if the effective accuracy of the AI diminishes after, let’s say 50m max, from 30m to 50m is very generous, as I’d like to see it more like of a suppressing fire rather than meant to kill targeted enemies at longer ranges.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea.

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