Simple Spot Suggestions

Hello Fellow Comrades,

I’ll keep this short and simple. Explosives are over used. Suggestions my differ to help this without making any further nerfs.

Grenades and smoke grenades should give 2 usages for each lot. Currently it takes 1 for 1.
Molotovs should have a added extra burn time of +15 seconds. Though, no slot changes.

The aircraft selection needs a new category. Something that’ll make great use of anti-aircraft guns. (MOST IMPORTANT SUGGESTION)

How about a recon aircraft that isn’t equipped with any armaments, has no armored and pilots only 1. Instead of shooting, the player clicks to place a circle that highlights anyone that enters or is within it. Players will earn experience for each spotted enemy death within the circle.

Those where my only simple suggestion.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I think Molotovs are pretty good atm. They don’t instakill, but they are a “ignore” button for threats. Throw one at an enemy and he’ll be too busy putting himself out to shoot back. Easily neutralizes massive infantry threats.

I like the idea of a flare gun for spotting an area of enemies. Recon planes being able to do the same is also a good idea, maybe also recon vehicles can do something like that too, like the Puma or car.

NO, no need to create explosive festival again.
Right now Enlisted suffers from big amount of AOE weapons.