Silent Weapons in the new Battle Pass season

The hunt for Battle Pass rewards promises to begin with renewed vigor! Silenced weapons for all armies, new heroes, and many important improvements regarding mechanics. Let’s take a look at some of the season’s rewards right now!

The new season will begin with the release of the Battle of Stalingrad update and will last for at least 11 weeks.


Silenced weapons are much quieter than their analogues and are great for attacking from the rear or from concealed positions. For one gold order you won’t just get a single weapon, but a set with a pistol alongside a primary weapon: a rifle or a submachine gun.

Erma EMP (silencer)

A rare modification of the EMP submachine gun developed by Erma for the French secret police.

Available in any campaign for the Axis side.

De Lisle Commando carbine

This compact pistol-caliber carbine was used during military operations by British commandos.

Available to Allied soldiers in Tunisia.

Welrod mk.2

A silent magazine pistol with a manual reload action, developed during 1942 in Great Britain to arm the intelligence services.

Available to Allied soldiers in Normandy.

In total, there will be 8 different silenced weapons for each country every campaign.


For all armies and campaigns in Enlisted!

10 fully upgraded vehicles in unique camouflages, only available with the Battle Pass.

10 special soldiers of level 5, marked with a special medal. In addition to the level, these heroes also have a fixed look and name.

Complete list of vehicles with unique camouflages:

  • IL-2 (1941) “Four color camouflage”, Air Force of the Red Army 1941
  • Ju 87 B-2 “Winter”, Eastern front 41-42г.
  • M10 GMC “702 TD”, Camo based on tank, displayed Overlord Museum, Normandy
  • Panther A “R02”, Camo based on historical photo, Normandy 1944
  • Yak-9T “Belorussian Front”, Belorussian Front, 1944
  • Fw 190 D-12 “JV 44”, Airfield Defense Squadron, 1945
  • A13 Mk II “3rd RTR”, Camo based on 3rd Royal tank regiment, Africa, 1942
  • Pz.III J “112”, Camo based on historical photo, Pz.Rgt.5, 21.Pz.Div. Kasserine, February 1943
  • KV-1 “Hit the fascists!”, Camo based on historical photo, Eastern front, 1942-1943
  • Pz.IV F2 “1233”, Camo based on historical photo, Rg.24, 24th Panzer Division Southern Russia, Summer 1942


For this new season, we took into account your comments and suggestions concerning some of the rewards.

  • Instead of the +100% booster for a single battle, there will be a new +50% booster for 3 battles, which will make progress more balanced and means you aren’t out of luck if you have one bad match.
  • We’ve completely removed the booster for squad experience and soldier experience, which some players perceived as a booster for campaign experience.
  • The number of Bronze Orders in Battle Pass this season has been doubled.

No gold order Tiger?

Guess I’ll grab both Stalingrad tanks


Most likely will come at some point :wink:

Any chance their base stats will be guaranteed 16/16/16? ^^


Really love this change.

Manor, the forever king!


Tunisia Axis already has a Pz 3 J skin, maybe add something else?


@1942786 Could we get some more pictures of all gold order vehicles? Especially those from Stalingrad.

Also I’m not sure how to understand this sentence:

So for example if I get golden order ERMA EMP I will get some pistol too? What kind of pistol will it be?

Also when will we get a devblog about customisation?


Yeah, i want AB 41 skin.

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Do you have another devblog in the works for today/tomorrow?

Something something new levels existing campaigns


First I thought: God damn why would you paint it red? Everyone would see you.
But Airfield Defense must mean they painted it like this so their own Flak (anti air dudes) would not shoot them by accident in 1945.

I’m fairly interested in the silenced weapons. Nice.

Nothing really new or exciting in the vehicle department. Some cool camo maybe.


What? It was always 75 days aka at least 11 weeks, wtf are you talking about original 70 days?


Keo, can we get this new campaign updated next week? we are really looking forward.

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Right. Pistol + rifle or pistol + submachine gun.
Each campaign has its own set.
the Erma pack is available in all campaigns.


Erma silenced avaiable on every axis campaign.

So 5 ermas silenced
@50553140 come look at this my friend
will do an amazing assaulter squad with them after next BP lmao

“sounds” good. XD


And we are very much looking forward to it. And we try very hard.


Cool, can you tell us what pistols will it be exactly? Will they have silencers too?

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If they are like the onces in premium Erma squad they are gonna be good.


Yeah :smiley:

…and more


Silencer weapon pack: 1st slot weapon with silencer + pistol with silencer — for 1 golden order