Shovel Dig orders for BOT,s

Many people included me has proposed that BOT,s could Dig instead of you and once sugested that, but the topic has a litle garbage so instead o making a 2.0 now.

. it will be interesting a menu where the bots can recive build orders like the ones we got while pressing the right mouse button in hammer selection menu.

a arrow should be enough to place soldiers to shovel it, in dig simple you can get 3 shovel hits, and in dig deep 8 shovel digs. it will be interesting and maybe hardcoded that the troops able to refil the holes to regain the possible advatange over the initial layout of the ground.

once it,s builded. you can place troops inside.

that,s it, cheers.


I would love to be able to order my squad to dig with me
Simple trenchlines until they figure out how to add actual dug in emplacements for engineer squads would be cool as heck


An easier alternative instead of having a clunky interface is having the dig order keybinded, lets say to Z. So when you hold Z you can then draw a line on the ground with your mouse and then AI go to work digging as far down as they can. Enlisted is a fast paced game, so until they can work on slowing down gameplay, its best that AI dig orders are as simple as possible.


in my way they will simple work exactly has Engeniers building sandbags, there will be a arrow and you can assing they to the dig point. simple has that.


At minimum tell troops to dig a foxhole where they are standing (individual order)


good to have this to. but it,s interesting my point for more complex trenches.

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Oh yeah I definitely agree, but seeing how incompetent the devs are, something simple is better than nothing.

It was great.

However, I also have a vision that there should be shovels instead of hammers and such a unit could not only dig tranches, but also remove embankments or put sandbags because filling sandbags with a hammer must be really annoying.

And on the other hand, it would be better to be able to place heavy machine guns in the windows or on sandbags placed early or on top of the trench.