Shouldn't FG-42 II change its name in normandy?

While we have standard version of FG-42 II in Berlina, name of sniper version in Normandy is still the same. Shouldn’t its name to something like sniper FG-42 II?


yea its to bad they wont add a counter to it well you have 2 different versions in game fg42 for troopers and the fg42 2 for snipers

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I must say I admire your tenacity, at the very least. You’ve been banned what, twice because of your love of the fg42? :laughing:


6 times now at least

More like: because of your attempts to introduce BAR spam.


actually the Johnson riffle but the bar would work

Sometimes you want BAR spam, sometimes you want Johnson riffle spam. I don’t keep up and I don’t care, both are bad ideas.

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Oh boy, it is that time of the week again.


the only bad idea is not adding a counter to a godly weapon

I agree. But powercreep is not the way.

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I believe that the real solution is not having these kind of weapons available for troopers at all :man_shrugging:


its already here and has been for a while its not going any where

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Fallsirmjägergewehr zwei­und­vierzig?

“We don’t like it so we embrace it.” Sorry but I don’t buy this logic.

that’s not acceptable it should be the players choice what they choose and they should use what they had us had bar for the automatics role and the Germans used fg42 as such they should be there just because they don’t fit in to your bolt action only fantasy

again so what complaining wont change it so add the proper counter

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They chose an somewhat historicall WW2 game. Why do you want to force them to play a game that is as historical as BFV?

They are in the game so what’s the problem?

If it’s my fantazy, then it’s bad.
But if it’s your fantasy, it’s genoius and should be implemented.

So stop complaining that there is no counter to FG :man_shrugging:

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It is kind of absurd to call Normandy or Berlin a bolt action fantasy, but whatever.
If you hold such opinion, then why don´t you suggest to remove soldier classes altogether so we can all run around with same deathsquads and turn Enlisted into generic run and gun shooter for each soldier.


Maybe in future well have paratroopers and only they will have fg42.I hope on this.