? Sbmm? Event?


SBMM Event, I’d say.

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The only other time they did something like this that i remember was the modern event. So probably event would be my guess. But that picture tells me absolutely nothing so its hard to say

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They might be late. My guess is a Operation Barbarossa event, since yesterday 81 years passed since the invasion

Judging by their helmet, the guy on the left is American ( or German. As well. Civil war? :joy: ) , and the guy on the right, German.

But yeah, not much to work around.

Either way, let’s hope this one is gonna be a good one

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Event (because avatar are expired) whit an sbmm (for the fair part) or a join any side permanent active, anyway another shit because from the elmet i can deduce is a normandy event so plane a gogo

My guesses are around that too.

A red vs blue where the squads are already filled with gear like modern event on normandy judging by the picture helmets /faces.

Hopefully it’s a leaderbord one, I enjoy them Alot.

Ty Russian dude…


So 23:00-06:00 and 16:00-20:00 European time?

Great. European post-dinner players are left outside yet again, this time even more surgically.

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Yy true.

I won’t have time for it if it comes next 2 weeks.

the twitter image is altered the left guy is clearly american and his helmet as a strap on it
Idk wy they have to lie even on this

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After the info found by the Russian guy, that’s not even important anymore x)

Will be random factions with pre-made gear.

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I copy-pasted, there must have been an edit later.

that theme is now… gone :smiley:
quite fast

So there is new event tab and guess what… you can’t choose side, it’s set to join any team and you can’t untick it :slight_smile:

There’s one bad part in sbmm.

It sucks literally everywhere, never saw it really working as it should.