Rudder controls for fighter planes acting erratic with screen joystick mode configuration

Hi how is everyone today? I believe I have found a bug in how the rudder controls react while setting up a screen joystick mode configuration for controller on xbox. I have shared my control setup on my youtube channel and I have found through the comments that others are having the same issue. With my current setup I am able to control the elevator ailerons and rudder independently giving more less full control over the plane. This worked relatively well on the Il-2 and JU87 B-2 but I found the rudder seemed really bouncy and would overcorrect and not actually steer the plane but instead just pivot in place bouncing back and forth until coming to rest in its original direction if that makes any sense. It was annoying but relatively easy to overcome. Moving into the fighter planes however this issue is exponentially worse, completely throwing the plane left to right in the same type of bouncing motion returning to center. I have tried adjusting all available sensitivity deadzone and non-linearity sliders but nothing seems to mitigate the issue. The ailerons and elevator work as intended, its just the rudder that seems to be the issue. I have a video available upon request that shows the issue as well as my current control configuration, just wasn’t sure the best way to get it to you. I do however have the link to my flight controls video that could at least help you recreate the issue.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. Fix coming next update.
Have a nice day.

Awesome! Thank you very much!

I was wondering if I could get an update on the fix for this? The rudder controls still react violently while using this setup, and it makes it hard to aim and make smooth flight adjustments. All other settings seem to work as they should other than the trim settings which appear to do nothing when bound to the sticks on controller.

Hey how are ya today? It was mentioned that a fix for the bouncy rudder while using a screen joystick mode configuration was coming, was this fix ever implemented? I ask because I just loaded up the game again for the first time in a little while and I noticed that the rudder is still super bouncy when making fine adjustments. You can line yourself up perfectly with the stick and then as soon as you let go the plane instantly returns to it’s previous trajectory rendering the rudder almost useless. With this fixed, the planes would be immensely easier to control while using screen joystick mode. This is currently the biggest complaint I have run into in the comments of the video I have linked in my original post. I am currently running the latest version on the xbox series x. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, I would like to be able to tell my viewers that a fix is still coming. Thanks.

Hi there. Unfortunately, this has not been fixed.
We are working on it.

Thank you, I appreciate the response and I’m happy to hear it is being worked on still!

Hey, how are you today? Just checking in to see if there had been any progress with the rudder issue? I go into it in more detail in my newer flight controls video which can be found here: The rudder issue is still the number one complaint I receive when my viewers are setting up a screen joystick mode configuration. Going through the comments, another addition that would be greatly appreciated to smooth out the screen joystick mode would be an option to turn on auto trim to keep the plane flying a bit more level without having to constantly adjust. These two fixes alone would go a very long way to making this configuration a very viable option for players, as the rudder bug makes it almost impossible to aim with any confidence. I have seen a large surge in views for my flight controls videos lately, so I believe there are a large group of players who are currently experiencing these issues. One last suggestion that I have towards making this configuration work well, when holding the modifier button to look around freely in the plane, it does not decouple the sticks from the elevator or ailerons, so the plane moves around while you are trying to look freely, just thought I would bring that up while I have you… I look forward to your response, and I hope this is something that is indeed still being worked on. Thank you for your time.

Hey there. Rather then leave you hanging, I’ll give you a answer.

It will not be fixed.

I have played Warthunder for years and this was always the same problem. Rudders have always “see sawed” on every plane unless on arcade mode.
They dont seem to think it is a error, so it will probably never be “fixed”.

Thank you for the heads up although I will admit that is super disappointing lol I could never get into War Thunder myself, the controls made me want to break my controller and the monetization was overwhelmingly pay to win to me, so I got maybe 5 hours of gameplay before uninstalling it. I hate to see Enlisted headed down the same path, although I guess the writing was always on the wall. I do enjoy the game, but these plane bugs, or if they are design choices, to me are game-breaking, and make me not want to play at all. I understand they are trying to go for “realism” but that goes out the window when the default controls have you following a little circle that you move around the screen.
I do appreciate your response though, I have been trying to get this addressed since April now and have received very little response from the dev team other than “it will be fixed next update” and " we are working on it". I just wish they would focus on making the CURRENT game polished and bug-free before adding more bugged but monetized content. My interest in this game is slipping, and it is not due to a lack of content.

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No problem my man. I am only a few weeks into my Enlisted grind but I always wanted Warthunder planes with real world battle happening on the ground, and this is it!
I’m still having a hell a good time so far.

As far as the rudder situation, try adding some “non linearity” to it and always ease onto and ease off of it slowly. Anticipate how the aimer will swing back a bit. Aim with rudder past the target (left or right) on purpose and allow the aimer to swing back onto target.
I watched your Youtube vid as well. Very helpful. My settings are different but you are clear and well spoken.

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I have been playing it on and off since it released last fall and I will admit 100% the game has made drastic improvements over this last year for sure! I am still enjoying it, its just frustrating that it is soo close but still so far away in some areas.

I appreciate the tips, I have learned to live with the sway to a degree at this point, and have tried messing with all nonlinearity and deadzone sliders to no avail unfortunately… I found these would give me more of a delay than anything and ended up going back to zero to give the instant fine control. It isn’t bad if you hold the rudder at a certain angle, the plane tends to stay somewhat stable, but as soon as you center the stick its dancing time lol

Thank you very much for your critique of my video as well I truly appreciate that!

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I’ve been wanting to leave mouse aim but the rudder is a deal breaker. Problem with mouse aim is when I use my elevators my mouse aim could be looking east and im turning west. When I let off my elevators the plane camera looks at my feet and heads east again. Super annoying. And super annoying joystick has rudder issues when joystick mode is my only way to resolve it.

Why can’t the camera mouse just reset forward after holding my elevators to pull up??

Instead of holding its aim where/when it left off before holding my elevators to pull up and roll

This would resolve this issue for me asap.

Just a little update, still no change. If you could set the trim up, it should work, but I can’t seem to set the trim’s up?

I was never able to get the trim to work either, I tried multiple configurations but the setting never seemed to make any difference… It would be nice to be able to set it and be able fly level without adjustments lol The bounciness in the rudder has had me not wanting to play the game personally, whether it is a bug or design choice as some have mentioned in the comments on my flight control videos, it is very frustrating.

So how many updates has there been? Yet this problem is still there and it is giving mouse and keyboard players an unfair advantage.

Either fix the issue or put console players using a mouse and keyboard in with the PC players.

On that note, some fighters are even worse than others. The C. 202EC for example… it is garbage! Aside from swaying more than any other plane I have used thus far, it just falls out of the sky for no apparent reason. Either it flips over and does a nose dive, or it just looses altitude until it crashes no matter where the throttle is. It is bad enough that the allied planes can outturn the axis planes on Tunisia, but you can’t even turn the C. 202EC without it either doing a barrel roll or doing the rollover nosedive thing. With that said; what is the point in even upgrading some planes? They actually get worse after upgrades. I noticed this with my allied Normandy planes (they get slower)