Rework Shovels - Concept idea

:warning: This is not a priority Suggestion. but something that i think further down the line, it will become useful, also mainly designed for upcoming content that i am planning to introduce/suggest etc. :warning:


greetings comrades. battle buddies, and kameradens.

in today suggestion i’ll cover what i would like to see and suggest to improve and rework the shovels as those will reach every campaign. in my honest opinion, i see great potential and unfortunately, those are not so much used for a few issues. it is true that i might have joined late to the party. but once those will be introduced, in further updates i would love to see them improved.

so, without further do, let’s dive right into.


as briefly mentioned above, with this thread i would like to improve the shovels by adding a few features, and transform them to work similarly like the hammer. with the inclusion of AIs that can build trenches and dig or rise to do the heavy lifting in order to make these features more accessible, faster, and easier for everyone to use.


  • make the shovels work like the hammer.
    this one is a bit difficult for me to explain, but the reason behind, is to speed up the process of placing down lines of defences much fasters through blueprints.
    and just like enginner blueprints, assign a command on the blueprint so that the AI that has shovels can work on it while you can cover them.

  • Rise the ground Feature
    i think it could be a great mechanic that can be utilized in enlisted.
    the ability to rise the ground similar to war thunder system:
    ( but with shovels instead of tanks. )

allows soldier to rise the ground and create like a small dirt of ground taller like a “fence” or sandbag that allows to build rudimental cover.

but not the the point where you can reshape the battlefield creating huge walls.
Players can only rise “small” “walls-fences” that can only fully cover someone when is crouched.

on the other hand, in order to balance this mechanic and not make the sandbags totally useless, the dirt ground will not stop more than 20/30 ( depend on devs what thing it’s best ) bullets.
so, sandbags will be much more resilient. tank shells can go through ( for obv reasons unless there’s more than 2 or 3 layers ) and ( i’m not too sure about anti tank rifles, but i believe the ground could/can stop them ) at least resist from 3 to 4 shots before tearing down the dirt wall.

with this mechanic, even if you don’t have an engineer, you can lay down some weaker and basic defenses if required.


simple, you equip the shovels to your soldiers, and once you are in any battle,
here are the Keybinds:

Reload ( button ) - will allow to switch mode between the Rise up ground or Dig Down the ground.

Left click - you either dig or rise a small wall-fence of dirt. same button as well to select and/or apply blueprints on the ground.

Third mouse ( button ) - will be used as melee for damage objects or enemies

Right click - Opens Blueprints Menu:

( the final look doesn’t have to be exactly the same. just for sake of time, and simplicity, i made it this way )

should be self explanatory, each category has it’s unique blueprints specifically designed to be organized. for example, if you select the pink category, it will open a sub category of " walls/fences " of dirt that can be risen. on the other hand, if you will pick the blue category, you will have acess to blueprints that you can place regarding Diggin underground in a certain way. and the bottom category will have more sofisticated blueprints which can be very useful in certain scenarios but will requires more time. ( more examples will be shown later ):

once you will select the desired blueprint, you will be able to place it and rotate it just like any engineer build. once it has been placed, every bot that has a shovel will start digging/rising up as instructed while the players can cover their bot or do something else.

if you don’t like the presets, you can still the shovel normally ( like it currently works ).


here are the examples that i made for the " blueprints / preset " that players can select and place on the ground for bots to assemble rapidity . ( also what can this rework offer and could do ).

there will be 3 categories:

  • Digging positions
  • Rising positions
    and last but not least,
  • Combined Positions.

first two are self explanatory.
while the third, will basically work a way in between. which can be considered better defences, but it will take more time compared to the others category to be set up.

here is a small layout of introduction:

( aditional Informations if required ì. such as how tall can it be, and stuff like that )

1) Diggable Defenses

quite self explanatory, bots will start digging underneath them to create some sort of in-side ground trench.

quite self explanatory, bots will start digging digging underneath them but a bit wider unlike the previous formation. as specified on the side, mostly useful to accomodate more soldiers.

this double lines works perfectly for having soldiers on different lines and mostly guard the rear or watch the flanks while the first line is facing frontally.

or even better, the soldiers ( though personal command ) will remain in the first line and open fire.
while the player remains in the second line and place amonution or medkits right behind the first line. safer as well if you have to call artillery or be enough spaced to avoid total squad wipe out of a grenade reaches the first line.

separated holls are perfect for a wide dispersions of soldiers so that one grenade or explosives will not take them all.

as explained would be perfect for create a covered supply station with amonutions, rally points, with medkits and / or install anti air positions and cover them due to being lower. ( usefull for mortar mens as well.

this one is a bit tricky. due to tanks having height and sized being different between each other. as such i’m afraid i’m not sure an universal hole will be best for all tanks. but i’m sure devs can find a compromise or some sort.

2) Risable Defenses

self explanatory.
similar to build sandbags, but with dirt that are much cheaper but does not require engineers.

self explanatory as well. usefull to have two layers of " dirt fences " to stop more bullets and seek cover or hide goodies such as amonution medkits etc behind the second line. the spacing between the first line and the secound should be of a kubelwagen
( yeah i know. weird method of counting but i don’t know how much is the metric system within in enlisted. so i use vehicles or soldiers to measure distances etc ).

mostly usefull to place anti tank guns or machineguns nest in the middle while having some cover.
so players will be able to make the bots working on the rising wall and start building the weapons to save time.

great in conjunction with enginners and sandbags on top ( roughly the size of a T25/T38 and a half ) for " elevated " positions if the situation requires it.

quick for a 360° defence if required.

this one it’s more usefull for anti tank guns ( if reversed ) or early war tanks of moscow. but can still be usefull for ( and if ) halftracks will be a thing or tunisian bikes. still, more choices are always better.

3)Combined Defenses

now it’s time for the last category.
combined defenses.
as the title suggest, and as briefly explained a while ago, those defences will be much " stronger " and effective. but at the cost of time and manpower. perhaps very occasional in today standards lenght of matches. but i included it anyway because it’s going to be helpful for a gamemodes that i will suggest in the upcoming months. for example, war thunder defence against overwhelming forces. that’s where those combined defenses will shine the most.

the self made trench it’s a wide " structure " that is quite large and take up a good ammount of space.
wider double “wall-fences” facing back and foward to cover two fronts, and a single line underground in the middle to use it to reach each ends in safety without getting shot or hide amonution and medkits nearby the frontline position. between the wider 1st line, and the “underground” line there should be enough space for soldiers that crouch and fire right inward the line, and allow space for soldiers to reposition avoinding to bumb into each other.

pretty similar to the other one, but this time bots will also start digging of 1 level downbelow to accomodate a hull down anti tank gun. harder to spot. behind a half wider cutted line.

a combined versions of the holes for a much " safer " AA position or foward outpost to hide rally points and amo/medik kits.

ideal for panthers, tigers, shermans and many mid to late war vehicles


so yeah, that’s pretty much all. perhaps not so usefull for pvp as it would be for PVE.
but can mitigate the usage of shovels and make their use a bit faster.

so yeah, if you have better disposition or have anything to say, don’t hesisate.



i just saw the new gamemode, and i think it would fit just nicely.


I once made a similar sueastion but you made it 10 times better (as always).


Great and detailed suggestion.

We definetely need something like that to make shovels truly great.


Well the only drawback would be that people would have to decide between carrying a shovel or a knife, since the shovel lacks damage, but maybe, it would also be a nice addition to make the large backpack carry both a knife and a shovel at the same time. weather.

Wow :+1:

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You sir is a good person, i too am one of the few “defensive positons” enthusiast and it’s really such bummer that shovels have so much potential if reworked right, your suggestion is amazingly well made and it’s exactly how i think shovels should be reworked

Plus is that you added the idea of AI holding the positions and staying still, this would make them less useless than what they currently do now (stupidity walk out of cover and stand still like a target practice while alerting any players of where you are or they roleplay as a dolphin or penguin and go prone all the time ) another plus for the immersion is always welcomed too

I kinda love your suggestion, really, the ideia of the shovel working similarly to the hammer is the best and most promising way of reworking the shovels mechanic to a useful state, great suggestion, wonderful job mate.

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*ma’am :slight_smile:

but thanks hahaha

yep. i saw lots of people complaining about shovels being useless, so why show them some love,
and make them useful.


glad some folks like it.

i wasn’t sure how many people would have liked this idea, because i can understand that it would have been a bit hard to use due to lenght of battle.

but the main idea was based on the war thunder gamemode of defence.

where players have to cooperate against overwhelming AIs on a point.

so yeah, that was the main point.

we’ll see if devs will like it as well.

Most high level players won’t care about this anyway, they only care about overwhelmingly strong offensive pushs either as a attacker or defender, at how much effectively can they kill the enemy team by spamming or harassing and dirty tatics (grenade launcher, tank GZ camp, 3x assaulter squad spam, kamikaze bombing and etc) this is how your average high level player thinks, not many cares about strategy or anything that is more than spawn, kill, die & repeat

But yeah, the meta of the game being blitzkrieg doesn’t help your suggestion, maybe the new gamemode or another gamemode might help the battles being slower, favoring the cunstruction of defensive positons

i’m deadly afraid that the devs, lazy as usual will just speed up the digging time and maybe how much you dig for each blow being greater, a buff better than nothing but still not as much grandiose of a rework we desire

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I was sort of thinking the same exact thing with the shovel having a wheel like the hammer. You should still be able to dig freely, but if you want a perfect foxhole for example, you should be able to open the shovel wheel, select foxhole, highlight an area on the ground, hold the dig key, and it should build a nice foxhole for you.