Respawn amount of allies when capturing points in the Normandy campaign

I had a problem playing axis… The amount of American respawns comes in a lot when capturing a point. I was playing a game in which when we captured a point, my team only gained 100 to 50 respawns for just one capture. the allies got 400 to 500 for capturing just one point…It’s hard to play in Axis Normandy.

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Was the map airfield?

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Skill issue


Just don’t let them cap the points and they get no more respawns. EZ

some maps are terribly balanced and also there are more human players on axis than on allies so you get uneven matches and then DF needs to balance with extra tickets.

For once, I disagree.
Normandy had a few maps where the Allies get way too many reinforcements, and cap extraordinary fast.
Darkflow has tried to balance the game using some wierd reinforcement and cap time model.

And most people who’ve played with me know, its not a skill issue with me when up against it.

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B-but the Axis h-has MG42s and they s-s-shoot b-bullets and t-that’s not fair.

So if you take the point very quickly you don’t get as many reinforcements?


Still a skill issue.

Allies do get too many reinforcements. As someone who likes playing allies it’s honestly too easy sometimes

you playing in squads? cause i see big difference between allies and axis on normandy…



Is true is so hard wen I have to choice with what thing kill american

Mp43I or fg42, mg42? maybe the tiger?, or that little thing at level 4 with the same firepower of the p47? Is so hard choice

And how is that still a skill Issue? Because I am console? I do quite well against PC players. Usually at the top 1-2 in all my matches.

They have a wierd formula for Reinfocements.
On DDay for example the Allies get a massive amount of reinforcements per point no matter what.
The time to capture and what you receive I believe are mutually exclusive of each other.
Some maps it goes by what you have left , and then determines what to give you.

End of the day a lot of the maps in Normandy in particular are heavily favored for Allied forces.
You need an Axis team to be way better than average to hold your own.

its a shame to let a single Allies to get into your points since there is a complete disbalance on weapons in Normandy