Request to reinstate shotgun lethality for the 100th time

it really wasn´t just a bit higher, but yeah. Instead of fixing (by that time) bugged soviet weapons to motivate players to play USSR, they nerfed everything axis had instead. :clown_face:
Luckily it was mostly reversed.

I think that “almighty statistics” are mostly to blame, not some “mains”.
They saw that shotgun was one of the most deadly weapons in Berlin CBT (4 engies armed with it, bots were pretty good with shotguns too) and nerfed it into oblivion, without even thinking much about it. Stupid outcome of stupid decision, nothing more.

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it wasn’t bugged weapons these speds were literlaly arguing for it on the bases liek the kar haivng better sights

Russian speaking forum
saw multiple posts from there and Russians coming into the english speaking side arguing for it

Soviet SMGs literally didn´t register hits, thus rendering them inferior in any engagements. That was at least the most common complaint.
That snowballed further of course resulting into no one playing USSR, and devs nerfing almost everything axis had.

However, discussion about this is off topic, so lets not delve too deep into this. Or this thread will end up locked

Maybe during some phase of the CAT but the were still stomping in hosueclearing and basck then the cap points were small roomsin hosues which turned em into massive and funny shitshows.

I would like to see the Benelli M4 Super 90 added in Tunisia Italy faction. :slight_smile:

Hello, the reasons for weapon balance changes are not my area of ​​expertise, but I will do my best to provide an answer.

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Thank you.
This post was made before Keofox kind of confirmed that devs are going to (eventually?) revisit shotgun issue, however, more information is always welcome.

There’s a higher chance of illiteral aboriginals that haven’t even heard the term coding of fixing shotguns if provided with the code than gaiflow bothering to do it.

thanks for trying

Here you go.
We don’t know if they actually will fix them so they become good alternative for SMGs, but they will make an attempt. Sooner or later.

.> Make an attempt
Shotguns were perfectly fineand they gutted them, it’s called don’t fix somehtign that is not broken, they decided it to gut em and are refusing to restore em.

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Don’t mean to sound like a dick however its just bad development to make otherwise non sensical changes that just break a weapon to the point where its not worth using.

However it seems to be common practice nowadays because game developers have about as much sense as a monkey with an ak47.

I really hope enlisted doesn’t become the next H&G because they were well known for doing things like this then not fixing those things for years.

it ia bad developedment, they just pulled it cause certain shitters were cried about their smgs not having comeplete dominance cause god forbid engineers couldn have shotguns and they were effective, so they just gutted them streamdown gameplay further, niot special roles, no rock paper scissors system, no speciality creativeity or cordination just a continious streamlining with everyone rocking select fire laser guns and top of the like smgs in a game with a WW2 skin

to be honest the double barrel shotguns should probably be available for the other classes as even though I have it as a backup weapon on some of my assaulters on certain campaigns i rarely find my self having to use them.

It seems a lot much more worth while taking the backpack slot instead.

Now work is really underway regarding shotguns, but when they are completed - you will find out in the development diaries

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i really don’t see the worked required in copyign and pasting perfectly fine code

The request was considered and changed by shotguns, has already entered into force.

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And so, it has finaly happened. Thank you for giving this so much attention and giving us information over time @GROSSE_KAISER.