Remove cooldowns on premium squads

It wouldn’t hurt anything, i want to use my PPD-40 DSZ more often, and it will definitely encourage others to actually buy a squad.

No. Premius squads boroke enough rules already.


No l2p with other weapon instead of spam smg


So never ending spam of AS 44 are you suggesting? Why are you not straightforward and trying it hide behind some obsolete squad? It’s pretty obvious.


This is fresh after suggesting to buff Soviet SMGS, l2p


Then don’t die?


You want me to spam Fedorov Avtomat (1923) and AVT-40 instead?

oh a soviet bias equipment threat ? charming , made my day

cry harder man :smiley:

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Give me unlimited ammo to Panzerwerfer 42 plus also give me 350mm frontal steel armor. Also 0% chance of rocket pods exploding when hit with any shell. Also let me spawn the asteroide as 3rd new shell, and let me call V2 rocket after getting 30 kill streak.

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also pls give me centurion tank as event prize

Dont forget the ferdinand

I don’t have AS-44 model 4 and don’t plan on getting it, my favorite weapon in the game is the PPD-40 DSZ because my favorite gun in real life is the PPD-40.

How about a Jadgtiger instead?

You were right France man! I should stop using Smgs because the Fedorov and AVT are better!

If you own the premium PPD squad, then you already have 2 more free assaulter squads that you can equip with PPDs, so you can cycle through those 3 squads endlessly 24/7.