Reloading animations

I recently started using the AVT-40 (great weapon btw), it’s great and all but I’ve been appalled as soon as I tried to reload it. It suffers from the same (sorry devs) ridiculous animation as the mp43 and the fg42II. Who in their right mind would literally PUNCH off the firearm magazine instead of switching it like any normal sane person would?

It’s not cool, it doesn’t look great, it’s also illogic when you KEEP the magazine that isn’t emptied and it greatly breaks immersion for me as my soldier now looks like a teenager from those call of duty/battlefields games, or worse, some chad from an USA action movie…

Devs. Please make the animation for the AVT-40 the same as the AVS… And the mp43 → mkb42h, fg42II → fg42.

genuine question for forum ppl here: does anyone LIKE that kind of animation???


U are right

it’s also illogical to toss away a magazine, even if it was empty, since they were expensive during this time frame


Trying to act all tactical like call of duty

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That is okay for me considering that if it’s a life or death scenario i would rather lose a magazine then my life

Even, or rather, especially in a life or death situation: punching the magazine out like this will only risk you breaking the gun that could save your life! There’s no reason at all to toss those away…

I know, what I’m saying that I find even more absurd, is that the magazine you just tossed away somewhere magically appears where you stash all your spare magazines, and you can reload it again. But you tossed it in a ditch… But it’s ok, it’s in a mag pouch! :thinking:

The animation is horrible and completely irrational. It doesn’t even look like an animation that you are in immediate danger, it is just made to look cool and it’s annoying. I expect at least for this one a historical accurate way (like other guns) to change the mag. Ain’t difficult to change it.
To answer your question:
It’s complete bullshit. Enlisted is better than modern CoDs and BFs they don’t need to compete with such games.


Ey listen didn’t say the animations were good. Just that tossing away the mag isn’t the biggest problem

Right but those guns are actually Meta guns. I prefer people speak about that now than future guns will get ridiculous reload animations as well.
I call it “Conscript_Joe’s” future prevention!

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Personally I hate rambo/commando/cod/the cool guy/ look at me kind of animations. I guess they are meant to look cool but imo they look idiotic.
I just want to play as a random dude, not some stupid hero.


Same goes for me

IMO I find it fun to have a bit silly animations

Although that reload should only be done with empty magazines

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idc they Just Need to be polished and not janky.

Even if they were polished, it feels like the higher lvl you get, the more retarded your soldier becomes, as all most top tier weapons have this dumb magazine toss animation. It doesn’t even make sense as it’s not even possible to do with some weapons, such as the mp43 whose magazine is much too deep inside the firearm to be knocked out sideway…

this game already feels Like airsoft, really this Is the minor problem.