Reduce vehicle scores or increase infantry rewards to balance rewards distribution

Using vehicle already ensure much easier kills than infantry. (except fighter planes)
And “assist” scores works pretty “OP” for vehicles due to vehicles’ damage is more of AOE attack.
Meanwhile using infantry especially when not team cooperating, is at weaker side of the gameplay–lots of effort, but way less scores and reward than vehicles.

As I stated long time ago:

Try this:

Using vehicle also ensures lots of different kinds of battlehero awards. While using infantry… You have to get >500/1000 scores in a single life/soldier to trigger that battle hero awards. For vehicles, getting >1000 scores in a single life isnt very easy?

I don’t use vehicles often… yet I beat those using them in score while on foot.
Infantry can cap points, and amass a huge amount of xp fighting in it… something most players forget about.

I also hunt vehicles down with various AT weaponry and that too racks enormous xp rewards :upside_down_face:

In short: Infantry role is to cap points or build stuff in them. It’s what boots need to do if they wish for good xp. Camping snipers don’t deserve more xp.


And dont forget use too much a veichle kill your xp rate

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doesnt matter, all the kill vehicles get give less XP its already balanced.


I just love hunting them with fausts and stuff.

I don’t want them to have lower xp gains, because less ppl would use them, and I’d have less targets as a result.

Just yesterday I terrorized poor pz4 users in Berlin with my lone conscript and his faust. Sure I could’ve used my t34-85… but it’s not as funny :upside_down_face: watching the tankers panick in front of my lil soldier is always hilarious to me. I don’t want it to change.

You understimate the soviet tank spam wen they are losing

I like how you try to justify nerfing vehicles points because you can only get 34 kills with infantry.

This post screams skill issue.


Well, you cant understand battleheros then.

I didn’t want to say it like this but…


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You forgot the other 9/10 infantry awards i took at least 5 of them at every battle withaut touch a veichle, @115796312 has right, you need tank for make xp because

You mean that +100 scores per cap? :sweat_smile: Who cares.
Of course using infantry can lead to win/lose.
But it is at a total different level of effort.
Those using vehicles already get x1.5 more base XP than winning sides.

Also game’s design do give more XP to those vehicle campers.

Unless you dont know how battle hero works. (Or you didnt read)


I mean fighting inside it. Have… you tried to before??? The xp rewards are huge for:

  • kills inside cap zone
  • kills FROM cap zone when defending
  • building in cap zones…

Seriously they shower ppl with xp as long as they play for objectives…


9/10 infantry awards :sweat_smile:

Do you know that in shorter matches, there isnt time for infantry to get enough scores to trigger this awards?

Skill issue

You need do at least 15 kill with a dude for took an awards

An example

15 kill with an assaulter you obtain the assaulter award
15 kill with a riflman you obtain the riflman awards
Ecc… you cant do this

Skill issue

Why not try camping vehicles towards cap zone? So much easy than actual defend inside the zone as in

Maybe if someone knows the game, understand him is making xp only with one soldier doing this :rofl:

Some one forget crew tank assist dont give xp anymore

Yeah infantry/assault/MG/ENG are pretty easy. But for rest?
Also do you have enough time to get so much scores?

Also, 15 kills? :sweat_smile:
It’s 800/1200 for a match with bots to trigger a awards.

And 5x15=75. Which pretty most of players cant achieve in average 10~15 min short match.

Why not post your match result? :grinning:
Of course its very easy to say “skill issue” than get real result.

I wouldn’t have challenged him if I were you… he’s kinda good. :thinking:

Yeah, but they got higher scores so that much easier to get battle heros than infantry.
Maybe you still dont understand how CAMP XP calculate.

“Elite” players already cant representing most of the game.
Those achieving Marshals within one day.
If dev only listen to them, and ignoring game’s majority players.
Then good luck!