Recompense smoke usage

Currently, using smoke give you nothing.

You might get “thx for smoke bro” chat, or the victory,

but in terms of actual points, you get nothing.

Hence, throwing smoke is purely your sacrifice for the team,
like categorical imperative from Kant.

This especially apply for smoke arty.
You are sacrificing normal arty or air strike,
which can get massive kills and points
and call the smoke, which again currently gives you nothing.

Thus, my suggestion is that, like how engi’s construction works
give points to the smoke setter when ally fights nearby.

This way, i think throwing smoke will be properly recompensed.


There’s your recompense. Want something more ? A :cookie: perhaps ? Well too bad, I ate it already.

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Re buff smoke. It was nerfed


Is a nice idea, would just need a limit so you can’t abuse it to farm infinite score

it would only get you points if deployed near battle

i would LOVE if people were to farm it like that actually

Give smoke bombs more functionality
Gain a small amount of points directly after throwing a smoke bomb
Let the smoke bombs extinguish the flames and get points for successful extinguishing
Let the cooldown of the shelling smoke be independent, and you can also use the smoke bombardment when the shelling is cooling down

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Smoke need give 5 points for every enemy wo entet in them