Rebuff Stg44

MP43 was nerfed somewhat justifiably, it was really too good. But the nerf was way too harsh.

A simple damage buff is all that is needed. Non upgraded should do 8.8, and upgraded 9.6 damage.


Axis homies



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imo removing the fire rate buff had more impact performance wise than the damage reduction

Keo answered directly to me(on russian part of forum) that they included mp43 nerf complaints in feedback that they send to devs, that’s all he could tell.

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he has become based

BA boomber finally embraces full auto gaming

Imo I’d say 10.1 damage, same as G43k. ROF can stay the same as it is now.
I myself would actually take this further by giving it maybe around 11-12 damage fully upgraded, but singnificantly increase it’s recoil to make it feel more like a rifle.


I think it is not necessary due to the fact that there is already Fedorov.
I like to think that Fedorov is harder to control, but more lethal.

Yes, 10.1 damage made it really an assault rifle. If you aim, you kill, but no clouds of lead like in PPSh. ROF can be left off.
Also would like to see accuracy in a more adequate range. Right now the mkb in stalingrad has 0.15 dispersion, which is below rifles, its value should be around 0.55-0.6 unimproved. MP43 since shooting with the bolt closed could get 0.5 in the stock version


I think Fedorov shouldn’t exist. it’s ahistorical and the russians really don’t need it.
Maybe as a gold order in Moscow, but nothing more.
And, the MP43 should actually hit similarly hard to the Feorov.

Yeah, though the sniper variants should be more accurate, simply to make them actually effective when shooting through the scope.
+While dispersion makes sense with irons (sight alignment and whatnot), it doesn’t with scopes. All scoped rifles should have 0.15 or less.


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Fedorov not less historically than mkb42

Well, technically, Fedorovs didn’t see srevice since 1940/41, whereas Mkbs were sent to the eastern front first in April 1942 (30 guns) and then in March 1943 (2700 guns). So while inaccurate (wrong location), still more accurate than Fedorov, which is 4-5 years too late.

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Are MP 18 was use in Normandy? Fedorov was existed for 20+ years and that’s the main thing.

That’s a premium. Those and gold orders are meant for the weird stuff.

So let’s give everyone flintlock muskets and needle guns cause they existed.

Ugh the HnG G43… the suck-ass version…


Ahhhh, finally. Someone old school enough to see the truth! Chapeau !


I remember its old airsoft sound. The good old times.

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It’s been 200 years.
I’m not really against battleships.
But Fedorov is fine if there are other samples of weapons of the First World War

Fedorov was already in Berlin the alpha test, so he could not then be added as a premium.

How is that relevant? Do you want battleships in the game? Why?

No, the others are different. Either premiums, weapons that were actually used, or both premium and were actually used.
Fedorov is just nonsense. Imo the worst example of historical inaccuracy in this game. And it’s not liek the soviets needed it either. They were just fine with PPSh.

That doesn’t mean anything. it was added to test stuff, and then removed cause it made no sesne. A premium would be fine. It would make more sense, create less balance issues, make gaijin money and create space for a different main campaign gun (or even vehicle) for the soviets.