Rebalancing invasion mode

so ive noticed on invasion defence always plays way to aggressive I think a good fix for this could be to make it so that both sides start with 1k tickets

when attack captures a objective all defence points are reset to the attackers tickets this would stop defence from just ramboing into the enemy line and make them want to play much more tactically

in the current style it allows defence to much freeroam making it almost impossible to push forward if defence has elite units [cough cough tiger cough cough rocket arty] also making higher tiered units cost more tickets would also stop tiger spam and other forms of issues you take out a tiger or rocket arty then its -25 or -10 tickets but balancing these negatives would need some work of course


imo it would be great if defenders when taken too much casualties couldn’t spawn as fast or had to spawn on default points.

I agree with you, this is weird and on top of that it forces attackers to rush only otherwise they will lose most likely. There is no room for slower engagements which i really miss and hoped this game would have.


I once pointed if defender have 500 reinforcements per point and once depleted they are forced to retreat it be more fairer, attacker have cap or kill 2500 defender, and defender cant sucide attack or otherwise they lose the point


I’m sure you’ve played CONFRONTATION mode right? Thats essentially what you are asking for. The problem though, is that in invasion mode, the defenders are already at a disadvantage. The objective point retains its capture amount even if attackers are forced back. So in order to “defend” the objective, defenders currently have to keep the attackers OFF the objective at all costs, and don’t have much chance once the attackers get on the point and start fighting.

The thing is, in the games CURRENT state, fortifications are usually incapable of holding back attackers, as they are far too easy to break. Meaning every second that there are more attackers on the objective, even if its only a single soldier more than defenders, they are making progress on that objective that defenders can do absolutely nothing about. With consideration in regards to fortifications:

  • Barbwire breaks too easily and can’t help stem the tide for long.
  • Sandbags are shattered by ALMOST any type of explosion, including frags for some reason, making them almost worthless for defending a position as so many people just spam frags to begin with.
  • HMG’s helped a little bit, but require quite a bit of space, and break any sandbag they touch, and extremely vulnerable to AT rifles and snipers, making them still quite difficult to use.
  • Standard MG nests are nice on size, so they can be put up in windows easier, but often times doesn’t allow sandbags to be stacked 2 high near them, leaving them very exposed. Especially considering a single bullet to the gun disables it.

–On top of all of that, you have to consider how the balancing would work if defenders had tickets. How would they get more? Attackers obtain tickets from capturing the objective. If Defenders are limited on tickets also, they wouldn’t have a way to generate more, putting them at an absolutely massive disadvantage.–

So regarding your suggestion of making defenders have tickets, that’s going to be an absolute NO from me.
If you want defenders to stop pushing out and going on the offensive, they need stronger fortifications that will make it viable for them to DEFEND, and you will find a lot less people running out of the objective.

Its way too difficult to defence the point if you can only defence on or behind the point but not front of it.

In most case the defender lost if the team fail to keep the front line ahead the point.

Flamethrowers, Couples of grenades, Rockets form Attackers, can kill most of the defenders on the point if not all. Even defenders able to retake the point in a few sec., the capturing progressed a little, and replete few time than the point would be captured.

Thats why defenders are forced to keep the front line on the border and need to be very aggressive to do so.

Giving defenders greater power to defend on top of unlimited tickets will be too much. It needs to be a combination of both.

They need to allow defenders time to prepare defenses, push the grey zones way back to allow defense-in-depth and flanking maneuvers, and give defenders tickets to discourage suicidal rushes against attackers and allow for attackers to make progress even as they’re being held back.

Answer this question for me:
If Defenders had tickets they had to deal with, on top of holding the objective, how would they get more tickets back?

The Attackers get more back by capturing the objective. Progress on the objectives is permanent. Forcing defenders to deal with tickets too would make the game LITERALLY impossible to win as defense.

I post it again

Yes we can add ticket to defender and make it work for simulate better a battle

The problem with this suggestion is that the attackers aren’t even required to push up to win then. Potentially, they could sit in greyzone with snipers, RO, mortars, tanks, field guns, etc, and just kill the defenders from a distance. This would completely defeat the entire purpose of the gamemode.

They are, i doubt they can take 500 defender every zone and still have reinforcements at third point

And defender can camp like attacker, no even better

Any issues with the gray zone are related to map design and can be easily addressed. Attackers have a time limit and if defenders are getting themselves killed by long range supporting fire then they aren’t doing a great job at defending.

Personally I think defenders should get one large pool of tickets that can’t be replenished, or gets very few reinforcements for each new point. That way defenders that are overly aggressive in early points will risk running out of reinforcements by the time they get to the end.

This is of course all predicated on giving defenders more time and space to prepare and execute their defense

Defenders would need not just time and space to prepare defenses, but also the defensive structures themselves would need a strong buff:
Remove the ability to deconstruct enemy fortifications, and make them much more resistant to HMG and fragmentation attacks.

TNT (mines), tanks rolling through, and close proximity hits from aircraft are the only things that should be taking them down (Sandbag walls).

Barbwire and Czech hedgehogs are similar but can be deconstructed by enemy ENGINEERS.