Reason why spawn protection needs to be Fixed

Please watch this clip before commenting thanks. More and more ppl are starting to face this kind of issue, it does get annoying at times where after they spawn they are still being protected, can still shoot you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It has nothing to do with spawn camping.

The fact that they can shoot back while you can’t is game breaking


Remove the Space, this has happened to me quite a few times on some spots, where both spawn point are too close to each other

Clip has nothing to do with your topic of spawnprotection. Hits dont register, either internet on his side/the others side/server side.

You can remember you made this same post quite a few times right? Why do you not post this under your own previous threads, you have enough of them.


Its a big issue, its not a netcode issue, i also experienced the same, you can tell when a user is in invincible mode. It happened numerous times, more so if you are the Defender. Attacker once pushed can spawn directly on your face, and theres nothing you can do about it since they are all Invincible

Its only a problem when 2 spawn points are too close to each other. Other Threads are pointless as ppl kept saying its Spawn Camping when its not. You literally have to protect the objective and these guys just spawn extremely close to it

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There are no hitmarkers, so it’s clearly something else, netcode or map bug or whatever but I don’t think it has anything to do with spawn protection. And yeah dude, how many threads do you need to make for the same topic…


This. Spawn protection still returns grey hitmarkers even with no damage.

Stop spamming threads to ask to be able to spawnkill again.


If you listen carefully you can hear that his bullets are hitting bugged tank wreck hitbox. So it is not spawn protection issue, but rather hitboxes issue.


OP again shows either 0 game knowledge or that they will continue to lie about stuff in game. Its pretty obviously a bad hit box on the tank he’s using as cover. There are no tracer bullets that fly downrange around the guy. There are no hit markers like there would be if the guy had spawn protection (which he couldn’t have anywhere near that point). The best part is you can even hear all the bullets make the “dink” ricochet sounds as they register as hitting the tank. This has nothing to do with spawn protection. OP just wants to start a new shitpost every day. PLEASE STOP SPAM MAKING THE SAME POST TO WHINE AND KEEP GIVING FALSE INFO AS YOU DO IT.


On this Berlin map for example, the guys that spawn on the Mountain are invincible for too long. same with the very last point. on the Hitler’s bunker, they spawn directly on the trenches, which are in your line of sight to shoot, and are invincible

Lets just have this quote from one of your many other posts on the same thing answer this one for you:

And I get the feeling those guys had to have moved to get there. So why do I have the feeling they don’t have spawn protection and you’re lying again?

They do move, some are killable, but not some, some are invincible, i have shot him multiple times and he just wont die, yet with the hitmarker on. Spawn Protection on some places is in need of fixes, like the map that i shown above. They are way too close to each other

As in the objective and the attacker’s spawn location