Realistic Guadalcanal progression

0 any class: springfield
1 riflman(1): lee-enfield 1917
1 tanker(1): m3a1
1 sniper(1): springfield a4 (scope)
2 assaulter(1): sten
3 enginer(1): lee-enfield n4
4 winchester
5 figther(1): corsair mk1
6 gunner(1): barA1
7 m5a1
8 Bomber(1): piat
9 radio-operator(1): m1 carabine
10 attacker(1): SBD Dauntless
11 barA2
12 mortarman(1): m1 mortar
13 tanker(2): m4a1 sherman
14 riflman(2): m1 carabine with granade luncher
15 m1 garand
16 assaulter(2): lanchester
17 figther(2): corsair mk2
18 sniper(2): springfield a6 (scope)
19 gunner(2): browning 1919A6
20 flamethrowers: m1 flamethrowers
21 thompson m1a1
22 attacker(2): Douglas A-20 Havoc
23 flame tank sherman
24 assaulter(3): thompson m1
25 enginer(2): jhonson rifle
26 sniper(3): m1 garand scope

0 type I rifl
1 riflman(1): arisaka type 38
1 tanker(1): type 95 HA-GO
1 sniper(1): type 97 sniper rifle
2 assaulter(1): mp34
3 enginer(1): type 38 carabine
4 type 44 carabine
5 figther(1): A6M zero
6 gunner(1): type 97 machinegun
7 type 98 ke-ni
8 bomber(1): type 45mm
9 radio-operator(1): automatic c96
10 attacker(1): type 99 D3A
11 type 89 machinegun
12 mortar: type 89
13 tanker(2): type 97 chi-ha
14 trooper(2): type 10 granade luncher
15 captured m1 garand
16 assaulter(2): model 1 smg
17 figther(2): ki 61
18 sniper(2): type99 sniper rifle
19 gunner(2): type99 machinegun
20 flamethrowers: type93
21 type 100 smg
22 attacker(2): D4Y
23 chi-ha kai
24 assaulter(3): captured thompson m1
25 enginer(2): zk-29
26 sniper(3): captured m1 garand scope

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Ofc all Commonwealth guns are available for American squads.

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Not really because the thing didnt saw usage until autuum 43 and the Battle took place in between summer and winter 42/43.

autum 43 and winter 42/43 is close enough for DF

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Fair enough.

You dont think like darkflow @33349666 understand :rofl:

Ofc future commowealth squad are premium

It is realistic but not balanced. No one wants to play Japan if this is the case.

If you are talking about type 5 45mm recoilless gun, it is a 1945 weapon not realistic at all.

In alternative you can use the german grb39, jap dont have early war at gun take it or leave

And you dont need a 76mm for kill a sherman

P-40E was used before F4U.

Sherman is powerful then chi-ha kai.

You give M1 garand for USMC but why M1 carbine for Imperial ?

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This is more realistic than the 1945 thing.

Did I said anything about 76mm?


A granade luncher is for riflman in the game no bomber

Because you cant kill a sherman with a chi-ha

grb39 is also a grenade launcher.

Grb39 is an anti-tank granade luncher not a rifle wo can trow granade is different in the game

Chi ha kai is not better then M4 sherman.

Flame tank will be a hell for Imperial. And is it hard to destroyed the “nightmare” with Imperial weapons.

I think Chi-ha is better then Ke-ni and Chi-ha kai is better then Chi-ha.

But it can kill it


grb39 use the same Schiessbecher as kar98k. Just firing different ammo.
Give type 2 grenade launcher same ammo count as grb39 so it can be use as bomber weapon.

Better then Chi-ha.
Kai have impruved anti tank cannon