RD-44 - still wondering why

Can anyone explain why the RD44, weighing in at in at 7.4kg, somehow does less damage, yet has more recoil than the G43 Kurz variant (by a significant margin) despite the G43 only weighing 5kg and firing a similar cartridge?

It has significantly more recoil than even the worst recoiling German LMG despite the German LMG firing a full-power cartridge…

Come on…


sounds like you just unlocked it and got disappointed


20% damage upgrade for kurz (as with all semi autos) and 10% for RPD (as with all LMGs)

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No, just revisited it after the latest updates to see if it was still absurd. It’s still absurd.

German LMGs firing a full power cartridge have less than half of the vertical recoil, and less horizontal recoil than a weapon firing an intermediate cartridge. Except the MG15 which despite firing a full power cartridge at nearly twice the rate, still only has 2/3 of the recoil. It’s ridiculous

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This lmg is weird
It’s very similar to modern LMGs firing intermediate cartridge but it’s stats are modelled in classic enlisted way.

It’s not a bad gun but it is a badly modelled gun. The recoil should definitely be lower. The gun is modelled to function like other LMGs in in the game but with less DPS

The only thing that is better than dt-29 is mag size

Otherwise just use dt-29/dpm

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Personnally i like the RD44 maybe skill issue the recoil is largely manageable and the dmg is good …
You whine about G43K but it makes 10.1 dmg and STG44 9.6 wow so big difference

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can anyone explain to me why RD-44 is even in enlisted

(i know why, cause for allied bias and neverending obssesion to be the game absolutely balanced in everything)

Sure, developers want it

becuz it’s soviet

You can get the MG with additional dispersion when it fires if you want.

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I have no skill to speak of, so you may be right. But I’m not whining about the G43K, I love the G43K. I would have all of my riflemen have it if I could. I’m just pointing out that the handling of the RD44 is ridiculous given the relative merits of different guns, in the hope that something gets done about it to make them more reasonable and realistic…