Ranked in Enlisted

What do u guys think about ranked in enlisted?

Short answer NO! No toxic player here


U can also mute them,no?

The chat bro if they dont speak they writhe bad things on our mama :slight_smile:

But without toxic people,what do u think about ranked?

They are nice expecially the one on R6 i made a lot of them with good player

U play Rainbow my friend?

Before now i dont play it anymore too much 12 yers old kid is not funny anymore all of my R6 friend stop to play sadly

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Use this link next time:

World of Tanks added Ranked after how many years of being released? Right…

I think Enlisted should start with basic stats and work on their matchmaking so that at least their Quick games are somewhat balanced. So far, it’s a roller coaster of team RNG. If they had stats, they could at least tune the matchmaking to target the 50/50 chance of winning by matching a fair amount of end-game players on each side and taking player stats into account.

Ranked as a separate mode could be pretty cool
But no forcing it in the current ones


I would play it for the top percent.like any other competitive game in my past.

Not that I feel this is the right game to have a ranked matchmaker…

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hmmmm…containment zone for sweat lords and streamers…

A land filled with all the cheesiest tactics in enlisted. We create it, then we build the wall and lock all the ranked accounts in there.

I approve of this idea, gj Cirno.


Ranked would be nice to see. Also with periodic tournaments as a different game mode.
I think the leaderboard of the ranked palyers are would be separated from simple Squad/Lone fighter players. In Crossout or other games this mode works well, would be nice in here too.

As this gentleman said, +1 and Agree

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